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Dog Activities - Agility, Sporting and Playing
By Kirsten Cole-MacMurray
and Stephanie Nishimoto

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It’s Never Too Late To Teach Your Dog New Tricks

By Brian Dolezal
Dogs never stop learning and even a mature dog can be trained using the same
obedience training techniques as those used on a pup. Sure, a puppy may be more
controllable and their minds are easier to shape, but there are some benefits to
training an adult dog, such as less rambunctious behavior and more of an interest
in pleasing you than in playing.

If you adopt a mature dog, don’t just assume that he/she is old and set in their
ways. Although it may take a little more time, your new four-legged friend can learn
some very valuable lessons. A dog of any age can be housetrained and they will be
much happier for it. When an animal lacks obedience training, it also lacks discipline
and structure. If you care about your pet, make sure to train him/her to obey your
commands and know the difference between right and wrong. At any age, an
unruly dog is an unhappy one.

Using positive reinforcement, such as rewarding your dog with treats when he/she
responds to your command, praise or strokes, your mature dog will be able to learn
what makes you happy. Ultimately, your dog’s goal in life is to earn your love and
most would do anything just to gain the approval of their owner. By rewarding your
dog when he/she behaves appropriately, you are showing that you are happy with
their behavior. A mature dog, like a puppy, will respond to this type of dog training
and will quickly learn what each command means.

The most common types of dog training methods Why It’s Never Too Late To Teach
Your Dog New Tricks include teaching your dog to sit, stay, roll over, lie down and
to avoid jumping on guests as they enter your home. The latter is especially
troublesome in young puppies and dogs, but mature dogs often lack the desire to
frolic around and are content in lying in their favorite spot.

Teaching your mature dog to sit involves nothing more than giving them the
command and gently pushing downward on their backside. Once they are seated,
reward them with a treat and praise. If you want your dog to stay in one specific
place, which is ideal for when guests are visiting and your dog is eager to great
them, holding your hand up and instructing him/her to “stay” will be a good step
toward success.

If you have a large dog that is difficult to control, obedience training may include
the use of a harness to help him/her to stop pulling during walks. This is one of the
most effective and simplest ways to train your dog to enjoy a walk without
constantly being pulled about the neighborhood. If a dog has not spent a lot of
time on a leash or has not been taught the proper way to behave, a harness will
gently prevent him/her from pulling and possibly even harming you in the process.

For additional training information and commands, it’s a good idea to consider a
dog training manual, video or program that is designed specifically toward teaching
your four-legged friend the do’s and don’ts of dog training.
Brian Dolezal is a contributing editor for, a leading provider of
independent reviews and rankings for hundreds of consumer products.
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