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Dog Sports - Two Popular Canine Sports You & Your Athletic Dog Will Love

To involve your dog in sports requires preparation and research. Get familiar with the type of
dog you have, his physical abilities, and his interests.   

Knowing these, it will be easier to decide on a good activity for your dog. It will help if you
also enjoy it, since you both will be participating. Go to a variety of events to watch other
dogs and owners to understand what each sport entails.   

Chances are good that there are dog sporting events close by, and it’s best to participate in
one that is close to home. You can always find other sports or activities later. Further, many
dog owners participate in more than one activity.  

Below is a short list of popular dog activities:   

Agility: This is a popular activity that gained recognition by the American Kennel Club (AKC)
and the United Kennel Club (UKC) in which the owner instructs his dog through an obstacle
course of ramps, tunnels, climbs, jumps, and other challenges.   

Agility is a fun sport in which dogs and owners overcome challenges together. The dog’s
performance is judged by his speed and accuracy through the course. Obedience and
instruction is a requisite, since the dog is off the leash and must read and obey the owner’s
body signals and verbal commands through the course.   

Obedience Trials: The dog exhibits his skill of performing a predefined set of actions that his
owner or handler calls out.  

This means the dog and owner must work as a team. Dogs and owners are scored on
precision, accuracy, the owner’s movement, and the dog’s level of cooperation and

The AKC obedience competitions have three levels: beginners (Novice); intermediate (Open);
and advanced (Utility). The team must complete requirements for each level before.
Examples of exercises are: Recall (Come), Drop on Recall, Heel, and Sit.

Article written by
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Dog Activities - Agility, Sporting and Playing