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Solving the Mysteries of the Afghan Hound

By Sally Jones
The Afghan hound originated in Afghanistan with ancestors
dating back as far as 4000 years ago, this breed was used for
hunting in rugged mountainous terrain. Many owners in the
mountains of Central Asia found this breed to be a prize for its
keen hunting abilities and this was evident when the breed
was brought to England in 1890 as pets to soldiers.

The AKC recognized this breed in 1926 in the hound group.

This breed may look too elegant to be playful but they are in
fact very playful as well as being gentle and loving. They love
interaction with people. They bond more with their caregivers
than with the whole family though. They are quite independent
and like to choose when they get companionship and attention.
This can vary though within the breed; the females are not
usually as aloof as the males.

This breed is not recommended for families with young kids.  
Even though the Afghan hound is large it does not like
surprises. However, this breed can do quite well with older,
more predictable children.

Often many breeds are able to be trained to recognize the
unpredictable behaviors of many families. The owner must take
in consideration the natural order and personality of this breed
when deciding to bring it home to their family. It is often
suggested to speak with a breeding professional regarding this
particular dog because of it’s inability to use it’s cautionary skills.

Special training can be provided if the owner decides to seek it
yet it is suggested this breed is better with the elderly.

They play well with other pets as long as they have been
properly socialized. Introduce them to the other pets gradually
when you can. But they love to run after backyard critters like
squirrels so they will need a fenced yard to run freely in if they
are not on a leash.

Many of the health issues associated with this breed are
common and can be solved through the proper care and dietary
needs of the breed. The owner is encouraged to seek as much
information on their breed or dog as possible. Mixed breeding
can cause effects and health issues that may not become
recognizable until it is too late. Speak to your local breeder or
ensure you have the proper paperwork to prove the validity in
the breeding of this dog.
Health issues associated with this breed may include allergies, Necrotic myelopathy which is
a paralysis of the respatory system, ear infections, canine hip dysplasia, cataracts and tail
injuries. The grooming of this animal requires work. The Afghan hound must be brushed
daily, and must be bathed twice a month.
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