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Akita:  A Majestic Breed

By Sarah Johnson
Unlocking the Magic behind the  Akita

The Akita is one of seven dog breeds to be named a national
treasure by Japan since it’s creation in the Tohoku region
named the Akita Prefecture. Originally used for hunting, the
first Akita came to the United States in 1937 accompanied by
Helen Keller. Later being recognized as its own breed in
1972, the Akita considered having a much laid back

The Akita is a perfect family pet because of its calm
disposition and ability to be housebroken very easily. This
breed will not bark unless they sense danger and is devoted
to protecting its owner and children. It is suggested that
owners with other pets create an open environment for
socialization because this breed can become very possessive
of the owner and surroundings.
The Akita is a calm and much laid back dog, perfect for families
with children. The Akita   often shows a fierce level of loyalty
and is very protective of their family. Families with small
children are encouraged to seek this breed due to their
protective nature over children, yet keep in mind that this
breed does not respond well to unpredictable acts. Training
for this breed is suggested, the Akita responds well to
discipline and can often be housebroken very easily. Many pet
owners find the Akita can be housebroken in a matter of
weeks compared to other breeds that require extensive
Pet owners concerned about excessive barking have nothing to worry about with this breed. The
Akita does not bark unless they feel that they or the family is being threatened. The Akita requires
training only to promote social interaction. Often pet owners with other animals are encouraged
to provide the basic training guidelines to provide the knowledge that the other pets are not prey
but family. This breed responds well to social situations and often can lead owners to display their
laid back temperament through the participation in dog shows.

Common health issues associated with this breed are Myasthenia Gravis, bloat or gastric torsion,
eye conditions, hip dysplasia, unique juvenile onset polyarthritis syndrome, dermatological
syndrome, and von will brands. The Akita's coat is medium length with an undercoat that has a
soft texture. Its coat needs to be brushed ever week. A slicker, steel pin brush, and a grooming
comb should be used to brush the Akita for the full effect. You could also brush it with a brush that
has firm bristles.

This breed does shed its undercoat completely two times a year. So during these times extra
brushing will keep down the mess. Use not only a rake for the undercoat but a brush also for
grooming during this heavy shed. Only bathe the Akita when necessary to retain the natural oils
in the coat. Many owners seek the assistance of a professional groomer to ensure their Akita has
received the proper care.

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