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The Chow Chow Breed

by Jess Carter

The Chow Chow is a special breed that comes
from China. The Chow Chow is one of the initial
models used for the Foo dogs, those big stone
guardians you can view in front of a Buddhist

The Chow Chow has been a unique breed and it is one of the oldest registered breeds. It is
known that this breed has evolved from his ancient ancestor the wolf. DNA studies and
careful research has proven this dog is in fact the oldest breed. Historians have made
mention of the Chow Chow breed as present in the Mongolian armies which have invaded
the south of China and western Europe, as well as the southwest Middle East during the
12th Century.

Another Chinese sculpture presents a Chow Chow hunting dog. The sculpture dates back
around 150 BC.The dogs belonging to this breed have been bred for intense labor. They
were meant to guard, herd, pull and hunt. They were used in between 1930s and 1980s
after which they have seen a growth in popularity thanks to their wonderful nature. Their
appearance was very chic.

A Chow Chow dog has a sturdy constitution. He has a squared head with a broad skull. His
ears are triangular with nice round tips. Their coating is dense being rough or smooth
depending on age. The Chow Chow has a strong neck with thick fur around it giving the dog
a mean look. The dogs in this breed have blue, black, cream, red, or cinnamon colored fur
and if their furs are multicolored then they are known as having bred outside of their breeds.

A Chow Chow has a nice posture and his back legs are firm and straight. The color of their
tongues is usually a mix of blue and black or sometimes purple. This color dominates most of
the pups.

The Chow Chow is a dog breed that was intended to be kept as a companion. The dogs are
known to be very protective of their homes. If strangers make the wrong moves to enter
their territory without permission they will most likely get a bad welcome. The Chow Chow is
a faithful canine which loves to bond to its owner. It is known to be very affectionate with
the master and new persons are not welcome so fast into its good graces. The Chow won't
be as friendly to a new comer as it is to the members of his family.

The Chow Chow breed is one of the dog breeds which may be accustomed to apartment life
because the dogs are not very active. The dogs shouldn't be neglected however the
owners should give plenty of attention and time to taking a Chow Chow on his walks in the
park and make him exercise by playing with him or taking him on jogging runs.

These dogs may be loyal and caring but they need to be rewarded in the same manner and
they need to be looked after because they are prone to a whole list of problems like: hip
dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, and thyroid disease and eye problems like
ectropion and entropion ocular disorders.

You should make sure you don't purchase a Chow from a backyard breeder because in the
majority of cases the dog would be in a bad state and have at least one of the problems we
have mentioned above. Pet kennels and shady pet stores also need to be avoided because
they pose health hazards for the dogs living there. You should purchase a young pup from a
line of healthy adult Chow dogs to ensure the best genes and health is passed on.

A Chow is known to live around ten even 12 years if he has a proper nutrition.

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