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The Elegance of the Skye Terrier

By Katie Smith
The magnificent appearance of the Skye terrier
often promotes the owner to engage in social
activities just to show off this breed. Although
the owner is receiving praise for their canine
family member, the Skye terrier loves the
attention. This often affectionate breed lavishes
their owner with a level of loyalty that remains
unquestioned. Often this breed will provide its
owner with a warning of danger by barking and
prefers to run in a large enclosed area to expel
its high energy levels.
The attention received from social events or praise from common daily reactions often feeds
into the ego of this breed. The Skye terrier offers the owner an obedient demander often
making this breed easy to train. The social skills of this breed also promote a level of
friendship and acceptance of other animals. Many breeds are unable to cope with other
pets, yet the Skye terrier feels no level of insecurity and can share a home with other pets.

The frisky nature of this breed often leads to the dog chasing small animals and utilizing its
natural hunting abilities. They have a level of determination that will force them to pursue
their prey for as long as it takes, often leading them to stray from home for along period of
time. Owners are encouraged to provide the enclosed area for the Skye terrier to ensure it
is not captivated to take advantage of this primitive instinct.

The health issues associated with this breed often include a limp when they are a puppy if
it is over exercised, Autoimmune Disease which occurs when the dog’s immune system
starts to attack the body, Degenerative disc disease occurs when the spinal discs wear
down, mammary cancer which is the top cause of death with this breed, Emangiosarcomas
occurs when a tumor grows in the blood vessels and hypothyroidism,

The breed of Skye terrier requires grooming regularly to keep the long coat healthy. The
good thing about this coat though is that it resists tangles. It will still need brushing on a
regular basis though to keep it from getting matted. The owner is required to take special
care when grooming this breed. This breed often requires professional grooming if the
owner feels uncomfortable, training the breed with a routine of grooming is suggested.
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