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How to Care for a Bulldog

Bulldogs are an often misunderstood breed.  They have an intimidating appearance that
can shy many potential owners away.  But Bulldogs are an extremely gentle and happy
breed, while still being effective watchdogs.  Bulldogs are known in particular for their
patience with children, making them wonderful family dogs.  They are loyal, affectionate,
and intelligent.  As a breed, Bulldogs are considered relatively low maintenance.  
However Bulldogs, like all breeds, have specific needs that owners should be aware of.

Bulldogs tend to shed a great deal, especially during seasonal changes.  To maintain
your Bulldog’s soft, shiny coat, brush your dog at least three times a week and more
often during heavy shedding seasons.  Most bulldogs enjoy grooming.  If your dog doesn’
t seem to enjoy being brushed, simply reward him with small treats throughout and
shower him with affection afterwards to encourage cooperation.  Bathing your Bulldog
too much can dry out his skin and fur, so bathe only when your dog begins to smell, and
use a special moisturizing shampoo.  Your veterinarian or local pet store should carry
specialized shampoos for dogs that need to maintain their oily coats.  Be sure to clean
out and monitor your Bulldog’s face wrinkles.  If you notice a strange smell from these
folds, there’s a good chance your dog may have a slight infection.  These types of
infections can occur in all dogs that have facial wrinkles.  Immediately head to the vet’s
office for a check up; if left untreated, such infections can be extremely harmful to your
pet’s health.

Most Bulldogs do not require much maintenance of their ears due to the rosy shape.  If
you do see buildup in the ear, wipe them out with a cotton ball.  For dark or severe
buildup, sometimes accompanied by an unpleasant smell, head to the vet.  Most likely, it
is a case of ear mites or a small buildup of yeast in the ear canal.  There are routine
issues that can be cleared up with prescription medications.

In addition, keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent paw problems, and consider
putting a small amount of vitamin E on your dog’s nose periodically to prevent dryness.  
Otherwise, Bulldog’s are an easy breed to maintain.

Many people believe that smaller breeds, like Bulldogs, don’t require regular exercise.  
This is a misconception.  Bulldogs require regular exercise.  The key is to take them on
short walks when they are young and build up to longer walks as they become older and
build up the necessary muscle.  It is important that you never walk your pet immediately
following a meal or when it is hot outside.  Because of their short snouts, Bulldogs are
less able to remove excess heat from their bodies.  It is therefore important that you
never walk your dog when it is hot outside.  Stick to evening or morning walks when the
weather is nicer.

Rapid onset heatstroke can often be fatal for Bulldogs.  Don’t let kids play or chase your
Bulldog in heat and don’t leave your dog in a hot car, even for a few minutes.   Like
walking your dog in hot weather, these can prove fatal.  Any dog suffering from
heatstroke should immediately be taken to the vet.

Not attending to your dog’s every day needs can lead to serious and costly health issues
later. Keep your dog well maintained to extend healthy years on your dog’s life, and to
make ownership care-free.   Bulldogs are an incredible breed, well worth the light and
easy grooming and exercise requirements.  Take care, spend some time performing this
routine maintenance, and you will be giving your Bulldog the best chance for health and

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