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The Keeshond, known to be the “Smiling
Dutchman” is one of the breeds of dogs can really
be striking with their good looks and intelligent

A Keeshond puppy has massive fur and an adult is
a bigger bundle of stand-off coat.

Description The Keeshond is a medium-sized,
sturdily built dog with a unique appearance. A dog
of this kind has long straight stand-off coat with a
long ruff around the dog's neck. The dog's coat is
usually a mixture of gray, black and white or
cream highlights. It also has distinctive markings
and around the EYE area. It has a richly plumed
tail that he carries over his back.
Getting to Know the Keeshond

By Joseph Spears
Personality Keeshond dogs are affectionate, loving, and good natured companions. They
are very sociable and outgoing dogs. They are also friendly with people. They always
seek attention. They usually follow their owners lead. They are quick learners, too.

Grooming You might have to spend an extra amount to get these dogs groomed as it is
quite expensive for this kind of dog. This is because Keeshond dogs have two layers of
coat that requires thorough washing and brushing. An undercoat rake is used to keep
the dog's coat well-maintained. Brushing should be done up to the skin to prevent some
skin irritations and skin infections. This dog, by nature is amiable so he tends to behave
when he is being brushed because this kind of dogs loves attention. But these dogs
shed a lot so it is not a good choice to have him around the house with someone who
has allergies.

Health Problems it is important that before purchasing this kind of dog, you check both
the parents' OFA and CERF certificates since dogs like these are prone to serious health
problems like diabetes, cataracts, seizures and heart diseases, autoimmune disorders
and luxating patella. It is still best though to take good care of your dog and go for
regular check ups to keep them healthy.

Feeding them right is also important. Give them the right food in ample amount and
make sure their food is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Exercise These dogs love to be indoors. But they also love the outdoors as they are
energetic and require daily exercise. They are dogs with medium energy level so it is best
that you only give them short brisk walks once or twice a day to keep them fit and

Keeshond dogs can be really wonderful pets as they are very affectionate and loving
dogs that just love being around their owners. They would always want your attention.
They could also make great playmates for your kids as these dogs can get long well with
other people because of their outgoing temperament.
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