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The Lhasa Apso is a great family pet because of it’s protective nature. The Lhaso Apso may
require social training to recognize social situations where the family is not being harmed in
order for the owner to have another pet. Often this breed is very independent and seeks to
explore the home or outside alone. Pet owners are urged to provide a large open space to
encourage this exploration; they will not pursue hunting instincts to follow small critters if
trained to stay within a specific area. Enclosing a yard or space for this breed is suggested.

Social situations such as a gathering of humans or even a social gathering such as a dog show
often cause this breed to become uncomfortable. The owner is encouraged to participate in
groups that promote the interaction of different dog breeds and humans to assist in easing
this feeling. This beautiful breed can become very affectionate and attempt to isolate it’s
attentions to the owner if it feels it is in a questionable surrounding. Owners are encouraged
to promote social skills and often find with the proper training this breed makes a wonderful
show dog for competitions. The owner should seek professional assistance if they choose to
pursue this option.

This fearless breed often intimidates other breed without so much as barking. The fearless
attitude of this breed allows them to instinctively protect their family and stand up to even the
largest of breeds. The owner is should encourage this fearlessness through other activities
such as competitions. This breed’s natural appearance of holding its head up high and striding
with grace elegance is often the reason many owners seek to include this breed in their

Health issues for the Lhasa Apsos include ear infections that can occur if the ears are not
properly dried after a bath, Sebaceous Adenitis this illness can cause hair loss, or kidney
problems. The Lhasa Apson does not shed and only requires to be brushed twice a week. The
thick undercoat can become tangled at times and the ears and feet can become easily irritated
during the grooming process. Bath regularly but do not do so to the extent that would cause
the natural body oil to dry.

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Viewing the world through dark mysterious eyes
since the 1200s, the Liahsa Terrier or Abso Seng Kyi
is a treasured Tibetan breed often chosen by nobles
or monks.  These small yet built creatures were bred
to guard over Buddhist monasteries and often
barked as an alarm of intruders. In 1901 several of
the first Lhasa Apso arrived in England with Mrs.
McClearan Morrison, they would later become
recognized as the Lhasa Apso breed in 1935.
The Sensational Tibetan Sentinel: Lhasa Apso

by Hank Dawson