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Going Chinese: Owning a Shar Pei

By Albert Reese

The Shar Pei is a Chinese dog breed which is
known for his loyalty towards his masters. He
lacks the social skills when it comes to children

This Chinese breed has a wide muzzle and a broad flat head. The dog's tongue is blue
and black and its eyes are small and its gaze is deep, shaped like almond. Its ears are
shaped as rectangles and the dog's tail is thicker at the base than at the end.

A Shar Pei pup will be extremely cute with his wrinkled skin which he will proceed to lose
when becoming an adult. In the majority of cases when the dog becomes an adult he will
still show signs of having had wrinkled skin. The color of the Shar Pei is horse, bear or
brown. The AKC doesn't recognize the bear coating of the Shar Pei because it is usually
the rarest.

Canine Personality

The Shar Pei breed is a dominant dog which likes to play a lot. He is very intelligent and
extremely brave. Small conflicts are known to arise between people who own a Shar Pei
and the dog because both the master and the dog tend to fight for control. The breed is
considered to be less nice around children because the dogs will tend to dominate and
show control over any person they feel more confident over. This problem can be easily
remedied through a lot of obedience training. The dog will have to learn his place and the
owner will practice having the upper hand.

Regardless of the dog's tendencies to be dominant, the breed can be a very satisfying
choice for the owner because the dogs are protective of their masters and very loyal. The
dog will need a lot of attention and the owner will have to be very patient when training
the dog. Some proper training will help the dog socialize better with both people and
other dogs alike. He will restrain himself from hurting other creatures without proper

Dog Grooming

The Shar Pei is a perfect choice for an adult who has owned other breeds before and is
well aware about the responsibilities of having a pet and the constant need of looking
after it, and grooming it.

The grooming of the Shar Pei is very demanding of a person. The dogs of this breed
require frequent baths and some serious brushing to keep their fur clean and ensure
their teeth and nails are properly cared for. The breed is sensitive to hot weather
because of his fur and he also may develop some kidney failure if he is not looked after.
The dog will have to be exercised on a daily basis and will in most cases need constant
supervision. If the dog will reside in an apartment frequent walks in the park will do him
good. He will maintain a good level of health and will be in a happy mental state at all

Children will need to be supervised when in the presence of this dog to avoid some ill
placed aggression from the dog's part. The dog will have to be walked in a leash when
there are other people or pets around.

Article written by Albert Reese of
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