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The Norwegian Lundehund originated from the cost of Norway and it is an
ancient breed of dog. This dog was developed to cater the needs of farmers in
capturing puffins on sea cliffs. The Lundehund is also known as “puffin dogs’.
This dog has a job to fulfill. The dog is required to develop six foot to aid them
in climbing cliffs of mountains. Their forelegs have a great amount of motion to
help them maneuver in very large spaces. Their neck evolved to be able to
rotate their head from 180 degrees and their head can move back against their
spine easily. The dog has the ability to close their ears to prevent water from
passing though it.

Aside from these great characteristics, this dog is also very friendly, small, and
can reach the height of 12 to 15 inches tall and weight for up to 13 to 20
pounds when they reach their maturity. The Lundehund breed of dog is part of
the Spits family and the northern dogs are known to become very strong and
filled with energy. The population of this breed of dog has drop tremendously
during World War II, but their breed has been saved because of the dedicated
Lundehund breeders. They try to breed a handful of this type of dog.

This breed has been recently accepted by the American Kennel Club. The agility
of this dog allows them to climb tall mountains easily. They are very smart and
they can live on their own because they are highly independent. To get their
attention, you must give this dog an interesting as well as consistent training.
Some trainers of dogs describe this breed as stubborn and a very manipulative
breed of dog.

This breed of dog is not acceptable as a house pet. Lundehund is short coated
dog and regular brushing is a must for this breed of dog. Only drawback when
you acquire this breed of dog is a syndrome called Lundehund Syndrome. This
syndrome is an intestinal disorder which alters the absorption of essential
nutrients within their body from the food they eat. There are no clear studies
that predict when this syndrome will strike. This kind of syndrome can be very
expensive to treat. There the severity of conditions may differ. Some can suffer
from mild conditions while others will suffer from severe conditions. No matter
how you feed your dog with foods rich in essential nutrients, they will starve.

Without this potential threat regarding their health, this breed of dog is a
charmer. This dog loves vigorous activities and they are good hunters too. This
is a primitive breed with lots of traits that are similar to wolves and foxes. They
are curious and they are very protective when it comes to their master. They
can ensure the protection and security of your home. If you are living in an
apartment, this kind of dog is not for you. They can get bored easily. To prevent
this from happening, you have to supply them with great number of fun
activities. Physical and mental stimulation is also essential if you are planning to
breed this kind of dog. This type of dog bark a lot and they can express
themselves through howling and barking.

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The Newest Breed in the AKC -
The Norwegian Lundehund

by Sharon Washington