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They are not just useful in the US; they are also useful in other parts of the world. What you
don't know is that they are a very famous type of dog because of their distinct look and
small size. They are also known as a patient dog and they don't contain any genetic health
problems unlike other breed of dogs. These things make them a very essential choice for
pets and detection dogs for various government agencies.

The beagle dogs have been in existence for more than 2,000 years now. The modern breed
has been going on in Britain during the 1830s and even earlier, although there are several
breeds in the North Country Beagle, the southern hound, Talbot hound and others are just
some of the similar breeds of dogs.

Apart from being an employed dog, the beagle dog is also one of the best subjects for
painting as it portrays some literature paintings during the queen Elizabeth time and in
some films and television shows. They are also the number one subject in comics such as in
the world renowned Peanuts in the character of Snoopy. This dog has been known as the
world's famous Beagle because of the popularity of snoopy. The beagle and the foxhound
contain the same image only the head is wider and the nose is shorter.

You will be able to determine the difference of a female beagle from the male through their
length since the female is shorter than the male. Typically, the skull of the Beagle is
smoother than others and it also contain a strong jaw and teeth. Their eyes are longer,
softer, and low set towards their cheeks and at the tips of their face. Beagles can easily
stoop their neck to the floor to get the scent they are looking for. These dogs come in
variety of colors but the tricolored ones are very common.

When acquiring for a dog, the Beagle can be a good company and family dog but if you are
looking for a guard dog, they're not suitable for it because they can be friendly even to
strangers even if they know how to bark too. They can get along well with kids which makes
them a primary pet for family use. These dogs are not best to become a guard dog at home
because they cannot leave alone. They cannot handle separation anxieties. But if you would
like them to become a pet dog, they can serve you and live with you for about 12 years. This
dog can help save lives when trained.

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Understanding The Beagle

by Carl Cooley

For a lot of people Beagle is a medium size type
of dog that belongs to the hound breed. It is just
the same as the foxhound but it is smaller than
the short legged dog with softer ears. Beagles
are also a scent hound that enables them to
track other animals and things with their sense
of smell. They have an intense sense of smell
that enables to them to easily find other things.
The beagle is typically employed as a detection
dog to detect things that are highly hazardous.