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5 Things You Didn't Know About Cats
By: Holly Mayer

With the American cat population hovering around 75 million, it's clear
that cats are one of the country's favorite pets. Despite their popularity,
though, theres a lot that most people don't know about domesticated
felines. Here are five fascinating facts about cats that will help you be a
better-informed and more conscientious pet owner.

1. Cats hardly ever meow at one another. The familiar meow is a sound
reserved almost exclusively for cat-human interaction; it is extremely rare
for one cat to meow at another. Instead, they rely on looks, touching and
scents for cat-to-cat communication. If your cat meows, you should
assume that it is speaking directly to you.

2. Eating grass is healthy for cats. While your first inclination may be to
stop your cat from grazing on your lawn, it actually aids its digestive
system and helps it get rid of any fur that's collected in its stomach.
However, if you're going to make an indoor garden for your cat, you
should be aware that many plants are toxic to felines avoid tomato
plants, ivy, daffodils and aloe vera, and ask your vet for a complete list of
flora that's poisonous to cats.

3. Falling cats correct their positions in a particular order. You've heard
the old saying that a cat always lands on its feet, but have you ever
wondered how they do it? A cat that's falling will always start by rotating
its head to face forwards; then, it will twist its back to orient its spine
upwards and align its legs accordingly. Finally, the cat will arch its back to
minimize the impact of landing.

4. Cats have a distinctive walk shared by only two other animals. If you
look closely, you'll notice that your cat walks by moving both its left feet
then both its right feet in unison, rather than alternating one left and one
right the way dogs do. This promotes better agility and ensures silence
when walking; after all, cats are predatory animals and their instincts
haven't been bred out of them. The camel and the giraffe are the only
other four-legged animals in the world that walk this way.

5. Kittens are born deaf and blind. It's only after 5 days or so that a kitten
will open its eyes, with vision and hearing capabilities beginning to
develop around the 2-week mark. By adulthood, a cat will have an
incredible hearing range, far beyond humans, with 285-degree peripheral
vision and night vision that's six times better than ours.

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About the Author:
Holly Mayer loves her
pets a lot. She has 2 Siamese cats and 2 German
Shepard dogs. She plans on adopting another
cat within the next few
months and is excited to add another pet to the family.
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