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Must-read Books for Cat Owners
By Natalia Macrynikola
Have you reached the bottom of your summer
reading stack? Or perhaps your picks fell short this
summer, and you need new ideas. To help you
rekindle reading momentum this fall, we asked
veterinarians, cat experts and pet stores for their cat-
related book recommendations. Here’s what they
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul, Mark Victor Hansen, et al.
In this tribute to the extraordinary feline spirit, you’ll learn about the piano-playing
Devon rex. Then, there’s the loyal three-legged kitty that consoles a lonely third
grader. Still not inspired? The book then takes you to another entry about a
precocious tabby that saved its human family from a gas leak. A heartwarming
collection of true stories, it’s “the No. 1 best-seller in the store, by far,” says Wanda
Kelsey-Mendez, owner of Gatos Cat Boutique online.

Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Vicki Myron
After losing her family farm and leaving her abusive husband, small-town single mom
Myron attempts to rebuild her life. But it’s not until the coldest morning of the year
that life really turns around -- for her and for her small town -- when she discovers
Dewey, a tiny kitten, freezing in the metal drop box. His loveable feline antics quickly
enthrall the sleepy town, awakening even the senses of a disabled child. “It’s a fun
read,” says Dr. Laura Sullivan, a veterinarian at Cascade Hospital for Animals in Grand
Rapids, Mich. “All cat owners could relate to the highs and lows of kitty ownership.”

Catnip for the Soul, Jane O’Boyle
What do cats really think of humans? If cats could speak, O’Boyle surmises this would
be their answer: “No fur, no paws, no tail. They run away from mice. They never get
enough sleep. How can you help but love such an absurd animal?” With humor and
plenty of imagination, O’Boyle attempts to tackle the inner workings of the feline mind.
Dr. Tracy L. Adams of Plaza Veterinary Hospital in Farmington, Mich., calls it “an
enjoyable, funny narration from a cat’s perspective.”

The Cat Who... series, Lilian Jackson Braun
Do-gooder duos in TV shows like “Scooby Doo” and “Inspector Rex” have done
wonders to showcase dogs’ instinct and loyalty. But cats too have the skill to be great
mystery-solving partners. The Cat Who… is a book series of 35 mysteries that
prominently feature two cats. With the aid of keen feline instinct, their owner, a
prizewinning reporter, successfully follows leads and solves crimes. “They are very
entertaining [books] and a great read for cat lovers,” says Kelsey-Mendez. Start with
the first book, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, and you’ll be hooked at least until
next fall.

Why Does My Cat…?, Sarah Heath
Still baffled by kitty’s erratic behavior, like its haphazard elimination on the carpet?
Author and animal behavioral consultant Sarah Heath provides practical insights on
bothersome cat behaviors and answers fun such fun questions as “Why does my cat
walk on the paper I am reading?” along the way. It’s an informative read and a
pleasant journey into the mind of your favorite feline.

The Cat Behavior Answer Book, Arden Moore
A prolific writer, pet show host and professional speaker, Arden Moore has inspired
millions to love, understand and live harmoniously with their pets. Here, she
demystifies cat behavior with wit and warmth. “This book does a really good job
describing cat behavior and offering concrete suggestions for dealing with some of
the most troublesome cat actions,” says Kelsey-Mendez. With thorough discussions
presented in an easy-to-comprehend question and answer format, this book is a
handy exploration of the feline brain and physiology.

The Domestic Cat, edited by Dennis C. Turner and Patrick Bateson
Ready for something more scientific? Try this collection of articles on animal behavior
and veterinary science, penned mainly by academics. The book explores feline biology,
covering everything from the development of young cats and the mother-kitten
relationship, to social life and predatory behavior. “Unfortunately, many of the popular
books still contain myths, misconceptions and made-up or unsupported explanations
for cat behaviors,” confesses Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., of Animal Behavior Associates in
Littleton, Colo. If you are seeking to really understand kitty from the inside out, Hetts
recommends this read, which “goes beyond the popular ’easy reads’ and delves into
what science can tell us about cat behavior.”

Whether you select an easier read or a scientific tome on the inner workings of cats, a
cat-related book is a perfect source of informative tidbits and entertainment that will
forever enhance your bond with kitty.

Natalia Macrynikola is an assistant editor at Studio One Networks, which publishes
The Daily Cat. This spring, she'll be keeping her feline roommate, Freddy, safe indoors.
Prevention is the best medicine for your pet's health.