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The Chinese Astrological Guide to Sleeping Dogs, Part Four

Rooster, Dog and Pig just might be the three easiest of the dog personalities when it's
time to hit the sack. If you like your sleep, maybe look for one of these guys when you're
searching for a new buddy.

The Rooster: The dog born under the sign of the Rooster will probably be happiest
sleeping in his very own bed rather than yours.

The Rooster loves order, neatness; “a place for everything and everything in its place” is
his mantra, his obsession. He also has an eye for beauty, but it must be an orderly
beauty and he cannot be comfortable or rest in an environment that is missing either.

Give your Rooster dog a bed of his own that can be washed and freshened regularly
and he will be far happier, especially if it is placed near yours. Just don't move it
around! “Order,” for the Rooster dog includes an environment without capricious
change, and to him, any change is capricious until you prove otherwise.

His obsession with order and sameness makes the Rooster dog a stellar watchdog and
if his bed is placed not only near yours, but where he can keep his alert eye on
entrances. You will never be surprised by an intruder with this dog around.

The Dog: This creature is consumately trustworthy, but ironically has trouble trusting in
return. Easily hurt, Dog is hyper-aware of hurting the feelings of those he loves and can
find himself doing a little gentle fibbing from time to time to spare your feelings.

Conversely, he can be dogmatic and unyielding regarding some matters and can loose
his cool, after which his chagrin at his emotional outburst sends him off by himself to
sulk, regroup and calm down. The emotional seesaw he sends himself on feeds his
insecurities and anxieties and can make him grouchy and tetchy. What your Dog dog
needs is reassurance; reassurance of your emotional attachment and affection and also
of your respect for his desires, inclinations and point of view. He wants to be your close
companion and confidante (he's an excellent listener and can keep even the most
provocative secret safely), but he also needs you to recognize him as an individual.

The Dog dog is one of the more compatible of the signs to share your bed. This is the
dog who will happily claim a place at the foot of the bed as his very own. He'll migrate
up to your end before settling down for a little quality time and some of that reassurance
and affection, and although he may shift a little in his sleep and perhaps encroach on
your toes, his place on the bed is his and that's where he wants to be.

If you've got a restless leg or dream about running, though, you're going to be doing
some apologizing. Those insecurities are going to force him to interpret a toe in the tush
as a rejection and his first reaction may be snarky. Afterward, you'll have some making
up and convincing him that you didn't do it on purpose on your docket if you don't want
to be ignored and pouted at, or worse, have to live with the guilt those eyes will lay on
you. After all, no one can book a guilt trip for you like your dog, and he's not above
sleeping on the couch for a few nights to make you aware that you've been a total jerk.

The Pig: Generous, magnanimous and honorable, your Pig dog will never take
advantage of your good nature; on the contrary, this dog will go out of his way to
accommodate you. Your sterling qualities, no matter how meager, will be 24 karat seen
through the eyes of your Pig dog. When you share the bed with this dog, the only time
you will be crowded will be if he inadvertently stretches out in his sleep, but the moment
he wakes enough to realize he might be causing you any discomfort, he will rearrange
himself to ensure your ease and will do it with the utmost care so as not to disturb your

If you kick, pummel or otherwise dislodge the Pig dog as he's sleeping, he'll assume it's
inadvertent or somehow for his own good. He won't pout, he won't guilt you, he won't
snarl, snark, growl or howl; he'll wait until you've settled back down then resume
whatever place he can that won't interfere with your comfort. The only thing that might
cost you any sleep when you share the bed with a Pig dog is your own conscience; this
dog is so considerate and unselfish that you may find yourself waking up to check to
see that you've left him enough room!

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