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The Distinctive Benefits of Three Different Dog Bed Types

Your pet dogs may be among your closest companions, but all good pet caretakers know
that dogs have very different needs than humans in many specific areas.  That’s why,
when it comes to selecting the right bed for your dog or dogs, you need to cater to the
needs of your pets while also making sure your household isn’t negatively affected by any
adjustments you may make.  So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect dog bed, you will find
thousands of appealing options, but only a few may really make sense for your particular

Below, we’ll go over three different dog bed types, each advantageous in its own way, so
that you can better identify what dog bed is the right fit for your friendly companion.

Custom Heated Dog Beds
General Pricing:  $$
Ideal for:  Dogs with very light coats of fur or recently trimmed coasts, as well as any dog
that goes out for walks in cold environments by necessity

About:  While custom heated dog beds are perfect for smaller dogs with thinner coats,
they are less than ideal for dogs that have thick fur.  Similarly, if you have more than one
dog sharing a bed and they sleep together for warmth, avoid picking up a heated version.  
Still, for those that could use a heated bed, there are certain considerations to keep in
mind.  You’ll have to make sure you have space for the bed near an available outlet if the
bed must be plugged in, but if you don’t have one, you can always find a battery-operated
version that’s heated just as quickly.  For those cold winter days when you can’t share
your blanket with your pet, this is the type of dog bed you should choose for your pet’s

Extra Large Dog Beds
General Pricing:  $
Ideal for:  Large dogs that would have difficulty sleeping on small couches or typical dog
beds, as well as any dog that shares his bed space with other dogs/pets

About:  Technically, you can give the largest of dog beds to the smallest of dogs, but then
your pet may never find his way out!  In most cases, larger dogs need the extra space to
roll around and sleep comfortably, especially since dogs of this size have incredible
difficulty sharing a bed with a full-grown adult (or two) and won’t be able to sleep close by.

Designer Dog Beds
General Pricing:  $$$
Ideal for:  Smaller dogs, or homeowners who want the highest quality pet bed for their
dogs without sacrificing the interior style scheme of their homes

About:  Designer dog beds are created specifically for their appearance, though attributes
such as cozy bedding material and lasting durability are also advantages of designer bed
types.  If you want to have a dedicated space for  your dog to sleep, but can’t risk a
typical dog bed clashing with the design of your living room or other bed-housing area, a
designer dog bed can be a good middle ground.  In many instances, smaller dogs are ideal
for these beds, as designer pet beds for larger dogs are rare.  So if you have a poodle or
other small dog, a particular look you’re going for, and can afford the best for your pet,
this may be the bed type to go with.