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Housetraining Your Puppy: A Word Of Advice From The Experts

By Jerry Kelley

Who wants unpleasant smell lingering in the house? Or carpets stained with dog poop
and pee?  That's why it is important for us to train our puppies. It is best to start
teaching dogs at an early stage and housetraining is the foundation and most essential
part of the training process. Starting early is critical especially when training toy breeds,
as it is often characterized as being difficult to housetrain.

A Yorkshire Terrier breeder in Virginia Beach, Virginia named Stanley Kissinger said, “After
a puppy has the habit of peeing in the wrong place, it's hard to change its mind,”, it's
true, old habits die hard, .. “But once the pup gets the idea, it's extremely easy to train.”

With this, the puppy will realize that going outdoors is the right potty time.  And
eventually, dogs will learn to hold their pee until they reach the right place. They will
even learn discipline and you won't have to worry about the house being messed up by
your precious dog.

It's not enough just taking your dog outside, give them ample time to sniff around and
find the right spot. Practice good habits with your dog and, “Go Potty” repeated with a
friendly tone gives him the idea that he is out to do his business.   “As soon as it potties,
be happy and express that joy to the puppy. Take the pup back into the house
immediately so it knows it was outside for that one purpose. It registers in its memory
after several repeated events,” Stanley also says.

Taking On The Responsibility

Training a dog doesn't stop when he is already housetrained.  It requires time and effort
and even sacrifices to effectively establish a good relationship with your dog.  Your
lifestyle may change once you acquire the responsibility of raising and training a dog.  
You may not be able to wake up anytime you like because your dog needs to be tended
and should be given enough time to play and go potty. You should wake up at least half
an hour early to give him time for his business.

If you are already at work, or will be late getting home or at a party, getting a pet-sitter
or walking service is convenient. You can also ask a neighbors who are willing to help if
they can take your dog out for a certain period of time and make necessary
arrangements so your dog can get out.

Whatever situation you are in, it is important that dogs get to go out to  poop and play
during the day.  

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