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Dog Dental Care Is Essential

By Benjamin Brook
Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a child; it needs to be done on a
daily basis to ensure you have a  healthy and happy dog.

Why Do Your Pets Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath (also known medically as halitosis) in pets is caused by gum
disease such as, gingivitis and it almost always occurs because of poor oral
hygiene. Statistics show that almost 70% of pets (cats and dogs) will suffer
from some form of gum disease by the age of 3 and that is because of the
tartar that deposits on the gums due to poor or no oral hygiene.

Poor dog dental care does not only lead to gum diseases but also to disorders
that spread to the entire body and that is yet another reason you must take
a few minutes every couple of days to indulge in applying proper dental care
for your pet.

Proper And Essential Dog Dental Care

There are a few ways in which you can ensure proper dog dental care so your
dog will not only not have bad breath but his teeth will be healthy and along
with his teeth his entire body as well. Dental chews will help clean the teeth as
well as keep the teeth strong and this practice can and should be done on a
daily basis.

Brushing your dog’s teeth every other day is the other way to ensure proper
dog dental care. It is true that your dog may not be exactly delighted with
brushing his or her teeth but it is for his or her good health and it all depends
on you and how you approach it in order to make it playful and fun experience
to which he or she should looks forward.

Last but not least, you can take your dog to the vet for the best dog dental
care, as there are special tools that will ensure all the teeth are cleaned
thoroughly as well as the gum. During your dog regular check ups with the
vet ensure his or her teeth are checked as well to ensure there is no tartar
deposit and if there is, only the vet can remove it successfully.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Clean teeth will ensure good health for you best friend and great breath as
well. Your dog’s dental care is as important to his or her health as the diet or
grooming and must never be neglected.