Pet Health
The best test for dehydration is by elevating the loose skin over the shoulders. If the skin returns
quickly to its usual position, this is normal. If the skin is slow to return to its usual position, this is a
sign of dehydration. The longer the return rate, the more severe the dehydration.

Your pet should have free access to fresh water always.

Special consideration should be given to the following circumstances:

Exercise: if your planning a long hike or running your dog be sure to take a water supply with

Car Travel: When traveling with your pet be sure to bring along a fresh, cool water supply. We
cannot overstate the importance of keeping your pet out of parked vehicles. Even in cold
outdoor temperatures, the temperature inside a vehicle on a sunny day can be deadly for
animals… Try this: (Remove all pets before trying this) Place a thermometer on your dashboard
on a sunny day, crack the windows and check the temperature after 20 minutes. Obviously
during the summer we would expect the temperature to be sweltering, but this can even
happen on cool days. It is best to leave your pets at home when running errands; a visit to the
store that you thought would only take a minute can become prolonged causing death or
serious injury to your pet.

In The Summer: Water can evaporate in hot temperatures. Try adding ice cubes to the water
dish and placing the dish in the shade. You should also secure the dish so your pet does not tip
the bowl over.

In The Winter: Water can freeze. Use larger containers and replace the water frequently.
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Importance of Water

The importance of water cannot be overstated. Lack of  adequate water is the
most common form of animal abuse.

If an animal does not have adequate water intake, dehydration may result and
the animal's health may deteriorate rapidly.