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What Are Natural Remedies For Fleas For Cats?

By: Sally Winter

Natural remedies for fleas for cats involve the owner taking specific actions and using of a
number of natural products to keep fleas off their cats. This article looks at what those
actions and products are and why they are so important. We'll start by having a quick look at
why we want to avoid using toxic chemicals on kitty.

Pharmaceutical companies have manufactured and promoted pesticides for years and years.
These products are very poisonous to fleas and other insects and so they do work
fantastically well at killing them all off. But at what cost? These products are also very harmful
to our cats, other pets and people too.

The US Environmental Protection Agency is currently investigating all spot-on flea control
products because because of the sheer number of pets that have been reported to have
bad reactions to these products. These reactions range from skin irritations to seizures and

So do kitty a favor and treat her naturally by using a number of the following ideas:

* Vacuum the house regularly to get rid of fleas and eggs in the carpet.
* Groom your cat with a flea comb to dislodge fleas and ticks from her fur.
* Use a herbal flea collar and/or herbal spray. Make sure that the spray doesn't have penny
royal in it as this can be toxic too.
* Wash your cat's bedding often.
* Use a flea trap to keep fleas out of your house.
* Use a herbal flea shampoo sporadically if she'll tolerate it.

You need to use a number of these natural remedies for fleas for cats in order to keep fleas
at bay. Using all of them is ideal!

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