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Preserving Your Pet's Health

By Russell B. Altman
Most people consider their pets a part of the family. They play with and show love to
their owners, attempt to protect them, and even grow sad if separated from them.
Why not reward this loyalty with protection for them?
Colloidal silver products are
safe for pets to use and can help protect them from the many disease-laden things
they are exposed to outside. Insect bites, tick bites, plants, other animals, and
infected surfaces can transfer disease to your four-legged friends. The antibacterial,
antifungal, and antiviral properties of silver can help keep them in general health and
keep them active as long as possible.

The antibacterial properties of silver have long been recognized. Even the Ancient
Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans wrote about some medical applications of silver.
Explorers for many years have used silver to purify water. In fact, silver is used in
water purification in many countries around the world and for the astronauts in the
space program. Colloidal silver products were used widely in the United States before
antibiotics were introduced. This natural mineral is an effective defense against
pathogens without the harsh side effects of synthetic chemical drugs. Your pets can
benefit from these pathogen-destroying properties.

A colloidal silver breakthrough manufacturing technology has made it possible to get
a product 2,000 times more powerful than traditional colloidal silver products.
Nano-sized silver particles are suspended in a clustered double-distilled water at
high concentration levels. The silver is from real silver mines, rather than electrically
engineered, and there are no silver salts or silver nitrates, which are the causes of
Argyria. In tests, this amazing organic substance killed 1.33 billion MRSA cells (those
resistant to common antibiotics) in sixty seconds. This true colloidal silver has zero
toxicity levels and is safe for children and pets. It is even effective against Lyme
disease in humans and dogs.

Lyme shows up in dogs about two to five months after the tick bearing the B.
Burgdorferi bacteria that causes the disease actually bites the animal. Different dogs
respond uniquely to the illness, but a fever is usually present (102 to 105 degrees).
Also, common symptoms include lameness, lethargy, swollen joints and lymph nodes,
and a decrease in appetite. A daily dose of specially manufactured true colloidal silver
can help lift your pet's immune system and heal infections and diseases. Some pet
parents have even treated eye infections by placing a drop in the upper and lower
lids twice a day, resulting in a complete eradication of the infection. This is truly a
great way to avoid costly vet bill while extending the life and well-being of your pet.

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