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Your Dog Needs Exercise
by Karen Smith

Providing the proper dietary needs and ensuring your dog has the right nutrition are only
two ways to properly care for your dog. Providing the proper avenue for exercise is an
important step in ensuring the longevity of your dog’s life. Often pet owners are unable to
adhere to the pet’s demands for exercise because of the rigorous stress of work each day.
There are many ways pet owners are able to provide exercise for there canine family
member such as providing an open space for play, play groups, walking , jogging, or even
hiring another individual to participate in strenuous activities throughout the day.

Pet owners with a home large enough to provide a wide open space in the back yard often
provide this space to their canine family member for free play. Dogs often find different ways
to amuse themselves throughout the day. Pet owners are encouraged to ensure there are
no open areas for escape for their breed or they have established the boundaries to which
the dog is able to go through obedience training.

Pet play groups are becoming popular for the busy pet owner. Often the play group offers
pet owners the opportunity to interact with other owners while their dogs are able to play
games and participate in interaction with other breeds. Some breeds require socialization
skills and training due to their aggressive nature. The pet owner is responsible for ensuring
their pet is all breed friendly before partaking in this group.

Walking or jogging is a great way to relieve stress at the end of the day and promote
exercise for both the owner as well as the canine. Connecting with your pet is a great way
to establish a trust and a bond with your pet. Owners able to walk or jog with their pet find
this allows the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and works out a few muscles in the process.

There are students, doggy day cares and professional dog walkers seeking different ways
to increase their income and exercise your dog. The use of one of the services allows the
dog to get out and exercise as well as meet other breeds. Often dog walkers will charge a
set amount for your dog to be walked at the same time each day offering the opportunity to
relax and take in some breathing time. Many pet owners often seek to have their dog’s
exercise through walking with their children. This promotes a level or responsibility in the
care and maintenance of the health of both the child and the dog. In the dog’s mind, it’s
walking the human.

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