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Cat: The Playful Pet
By: Vishal Gupta

Cats are playful and mischievous creatures. Cats have an amazing ability
to keep themselves entertained and like being aloof most of the times.
However ‘being aloof’ does not suggest that they are sad and quiet.
When in their element, they can make you play with them for hours

Cats do require attention and care and like other animals they strive for
love too. They have their unique way of showing affection. They may
purr or paw your hand or arm or legs as a symbol of love.

This beautiful animal has the elegance of the tigress which is wonderful
watch in its walks and its manners. It has a queen like behavior and it
dictates its own terms and unlike dogs does not follow orders strictly.

Scratching is another common characteristic of cats and one needs to
make sure that it is provided with a scratching pole or a scratching pad
so that the furniture in the house stays intact. It is also a good habit to
keep the claws of the cats well trimmed. However de-clawing a cat
leaves the cat defenseless and makes it may develop the habit of biting
as its defense.

In homes with new born babies, one needs to teach the cat that the
baby is harmless and can be easily hurt so that the cat does not harm
the baby in any possible way. It is always good to keep the cat away
from the baby until it gets used to the fact that the baby will cause no
harm and there is no threat of attention from the human child. One
should teach the child to not touch the vicinities of a cat’s nose as this is
a sensitive area and the cats can attack when touched there. However
cats love being caressed in the loins and mustaches.

The average cat life is 15 years and providing a cat with a good diet and
a nutritious diet may expand their life span to 20 years.

Cats are the ideal pet to have if you need a playful companion by your
side. These handsome creatures and can help you stay in a jovial mood
all the time. Although they do sleep for 16-18 hours a day but when
awake it is totally alive and kicking.

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