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Cat Training Aids

by Son Ngo

The market is flooded with all different types of aids for training a cat. From simple little things
to very large expense items, there are sprays to keep cats off furniture to large housing for
cats, to a simple leash to help with training a cat.

Let us take a Looking at some of the training tools that can be helpful in training.

A simple lightweight leash is a good idea. The leash can be use for many purposes when
training. Letting the cat outside is a time to use a leash to train the cat for staying in the yard.
Using a leash to take a walk, or ride in a car. Cats need exercise and using a leash when
walking is a perfect way to get a cat to walk with you not run off or walk ahead of you. When
walking the cat you want the cat to walk with you. Train the cat, as they are not the leader in
the walk that you are. This will make the walk more enjoyable for both you and the cat.

Another good tool to use when training a cat is scat mat. By using a mat with training, mats can
serve the purpose of not allowing the cat on that area. Scat mats send out pulses to static
electricity to let the cat know they are not to be on that item. There are many different sizes,
colors, even clear ones so that the cat can see the area. The mats are battery operated with
no real electricity running in them. In addition, scat mats are safe to use with your cat. You can
also purchase scat mats to connect to each other for larger areas to cover. Dummy scat mats
do not have pulse or static going though them. These are for after the cat is trained just a
reminder to stay off.

Another great tool for train a cat is catnip. Cats love the scent of catnip. Transneptalactone a
substance found in a plant used for catnip. Catnip scent is close to the urine of female cats.
Male cat are usually more intrigued with catnip than female cats.

Catnip comes in different forms for training for cats. Toys with catnip fill in them may also attract
the cat to play with. Catnip does come in Sprays design to spray areas for the cat to help learn
a behavior. Such as spraying around the cat, litter to let it knows that is where they should go.
For fun play, they have catnip in bubble form. Just like the kind, the children play with. It is
made of safe products so it will not harm your cat. With blowing bubble, the cat will enjoy
pawing at the bubbles and enjoy the scent of it. Catnip also comes in ground dry form so that
you can rub on your hand to let the scent fill the air for the cat. You can also purchase catnip
seed, which you can plant inside or outside of your home.

Is your cat pouncing on items thinking that it is a mouse? By nature, a cat will do this for killing
purpose. There are many different play mice out on the market. From simple little stuff ones to
ones that have catnip in them to large one that can be wound up and let go for a fun chase
and capture. Remember in training that the cat has natural instincts to do things. We need to
fulfill them to have a happy healthy cat.

Healthy rewards for the cat is another tool when training the cat. Many different treats can
provided for a reward for the cat. There are vitamins that are natural to give the cat. This is a
good idea, as you know that they are getting the vitamins for strong healthy bones, hair, and
body. When looking for a good healthy snack, simple little biscuits are a good choice.
Alternatively, if you are a good baker there are recipes or prepackage treat mix you may
purchase and baked for your cat. With the family making snacks for your cat, can be a great
family project.

Have patience with your cat they are learning, and you are learning more about them.

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