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Cat Training - The Meows And The Purrs
by: Son Ngo

A Cat 'meows'. Yes it sounds so good but if it meows loudly and continuously, then the same
sound becomes irritating. What do you think the reason can be? Is it hungry?

YES and NO

Yes, hungry, it can be, but apart from this there can many other reasons, why it is 'meowing'.
The reason may be anything it may be because it is just bored, or can be because it has
suffering from some kind of discomfort or has some medical problem.

What should you do it she keeps meowing? Offer her milk...

No! You should not offer her any food when it is incessantly meowing, as it will think that this
as a kind of reward and would keep meowing... This will increase its bad behavior and would
affect the relationship between you and the cat.

Offer it food, when it stops meowing, this will be registered in its mind, that if it does not meow
unnecessarily, it will be rewarded. You will need to get your cat to learn when it is appropriate
to meow, when they really need something. You need to see that all the cat needs is always
available to it, as far as possible. This would mean your cat will do less meowing.

Cats are usually lazy and would not exercise by themselves. They love to cat nap all day long.
You need to set up a playtime and a play area. Keep Strings, ball, catnip items, or simple home
made items that your cat will love. See that the items kept are without any sharp edges which
might hurt your pet. This will help it get into a good habit of keeping itself occupied while you
are busy with something else.

You should spend sometime in a day and preferable keep it same time everyday. A good time
would be when you return home from work and you want to relax. It is proved that playing
with or just stroking cats helps one relax and keeps blood pressure under control.

Purring is another characteristic of a cat. Purring signifies that the cat is content. Follow this
with caution as purring does not always signify that the cat is happy. Cats also purrs if they
are ill, sick or dying. Pay close attention to your cat, when it is purring and check for any
physical signals which might suggest that it is not feeling well.

If it stops purring, that too signifies that it has some discomfort maybe it may be sick with a
virus or something could be making her feel sick. These are signals to suggest you that seek
the services of a veterinarian and have your cat examined. Non-purring may also happen when
cats get older or maybe the purring is so soft that you are unable to hear them it.

As in humans, emotions play a very important part of a behavior in your cat. Fears, grief,
compassion, jealously affect the behavior of your feline friends too.

* As fear is intimating to us so is it for them, it may have a fear of getting hurt or may be afraid
of another animal.

* Cat would exhibit grief, when something tragic happens to it like loosing its owner, the same
way as we do when we loose our near or dear ones.

* Cats have compassion for other cats.

* Your meowing and purring pet also turns green with jealousy if it has to share its owner,
home, toys or food.

It is these emotions, you need to consider, when you are training your cat. It would be
disturbed and might resort to excessive meowing and refuse to listen to its master. When they
show the signs of being emotional, you need to find what is affecting their behavior.

Are they hurt or are they ill or is it just their bad behavior.

Cats, being emotional, need your attention all the time. You need to observe, if they are
satisfied with the location, they are comfortable with other pets or other members of the family
and you should always be aware of their actions.

Training a pet is tricky. It is Time and Patience which will help you through. They are to be
treated like our children, teach them good behavior and ignore their bad attitude.

Reward your cat for being good. You need to give time to your cat to teach them how to play
with toys and other items which you have kept for their playing. Always feed you cat with
healthy food; these will ensure good medical condition and happy-content behavior.

Get toys which they would practically like to play with. Do not go in for toys which you would
like them to play with.

Love them, Hug them and be kind to them, and you would be able to share the most beautiful

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