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There are many reasons why you need to consider toys an essential dog purchase. If you
have a puppy, a toy is the quintessential item. Dog toys are for fun. Dog toys are a means
of exercising you and your dog. Dog toys keep your favorite canine from boredom. Dog toys
also are educational, a bonding experience, a way for you both top learn about the other
and so much more. Today, you can go into a pet store and fulfill you and your dog’s wildest

The world of dog toys has exploded. You can now find items in all different prices, colors,
sizes and shapes. There are the traditional dog toys: squeakies, chewies and bouncies.
There are also toys designed to educate your pet. They may involve solving a task to get a
treat. They may also aim to increase dog-person communications. These interactive or
electronic dog toys may entertain. They also educate or improve the health of your animal.

What you decide to purchase your puppy will differ from what you buy your adult dog. The
difference is simple. You do not know exactly what your puppy likes. As it grows, you are
aware of its personal favorites. Some dogs, for example, have a total fetish for squeaky
toys. Some run in terror if they hear a squeak. They may prefer a soft, cuddly plush animal.

There are also those who love to chase things. Wind-up toys, balls and Frisbees are great
for many active dogs. Others sit there, staring at you blankly. They do not have a clue about
what they should chase, let alone why. They may be content simply chewing away on a
Kong or extracting a treat from one of the many treat toys now available.

If you have a dog with an artistic side, there is always the dog paint set. Someone has
created the perfect way for your dog to express him or herself without digging up the
petunias. Larry may not be Michelangelo, but it may be one way of preventing that bane of
good behavior – boredom. Boredom is one reason why good dogs go bad.

How can your pet become bored if there is a toy to taunt? How can they be anything but
happy if they can toss that ball in the air? Is there really any more fun than trying to
dismember the latest “tough toy?” When the going gets rough and you may not be there,
there is always the squeaky, bear, or other “baby” with which to cuddle.

Toys fend off boredom. They provide you with the fun of watching them enjoy their latest or
oldest toy. You are a better person because of this. You may also be in better shape if you
join in puppy and doggy horseplay. Chasing a puppy or a dog inside and/or outside is a
great way for the two of you to work off steam. It is also a spirited form of exercise. It is a
stimulating variation form the walk.

Toys are also a way for you and your dog to bond. Fighting over a Frisbee or tossing the
ball is a form of communication. It is a means of being at home with and close to your pet.
You are sharing something. Boredom vanishes, the minute the two of you engage in the act
of play. It is a bonus that it may save you from the destructive forces of teeth meeting
furniture or carpets.

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