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Helping your Furry Friend Handle Thunderstorms

By Sarah Stevens
Canine Behavior Articles
You will be confused when you will be faced with seeing your
canine monster turn into a terrified jelly cake when it comes to
facing a thunderstorm. Canines can't make the difference
between weather changes and they don't understand the cause
and the effect therefore turning into frightened cry-babies.
The reasons behind why a canine changes his behavior so suddenly are numerous. Static
electricity, thunder and lightning will give your canine some severe heartache and do a
number on his mind. Dogs will learn to become used to a thunder storm in time and they will
begin to sense it before it actually arrives. Signs of nervousness will become obvious when a
storm will be approaching and you will have your own personal weather forecaster on your
side. Canines do in most cases, associate a storm with pain and negative events that might
affect them without them actually having lived any such harmful circumstances. There have
been cases in which a canine has been stranded by himself out in the cold without any food
and water, in the rain and the dark of night without any shelter. This may be the reason
why your adopted canine might feel ill-tempered when faced with having to relive a

The canine will develop a case of anxiety as a normal reaction to your personal behavior. If
you make any displays of fear and anxiety the canine will pick up on them and he will
emphasize signs of insecurity as well. Regardless of the reasons that might have led your
canine to such anxious behavior you can be his friend in this time of need and help him
overcome this stressful period though acting on the following advice:

Locate a quiet, safe and remote place where your canine feels comfortable and have him
stay there to endure through the storm. If the place is sheltered and without any additional
noises he will have a better time dealing with the storm and he will not overreact. You can
choose to distract him from the thunder and the lightning and the shadows by placing some
of his favorite toys alongside him to play with. By creating a comfortable sanctuary for him
through the storm he will handle things with ease.

Another way of making your canine deal with his fear of storms is through creating special
games that you play with your canine while the thunderstorm lasts. The canine will be
distracted and he will enjoy spending time with you and in no time he will forget about the
negative environment and the presence of the storm. The sounds of thunder can be
blocked by a pleasant tune on the radio or some music you play yourself each day and he has
gotten accustomed to.

You should always display fortitude and calmness during a thunderstorm. If you are in a big
house by yourself with just your canine you should offer a good example to your dog. Do
not stroll around your home endlessly otherwise you will offer your canine the same stressful

The dog should not be pampered during a storm. You should always treat him as an adult
and teach him how to handle things on his own. Always speak to him in a calm voice to help
him remain calm and to transfer a message of security.

In certain situations it is best to pulls the blinds to your windows and draw the curtains so
the canine will not be able to focus on the negative events happening outside that might
otherwise frighten him to death. The comfort of your home should inspire safety and
security for him. He should feel protected there at all times.

Some moments will need to pass in order for your canine companion to learn that he is well
sheltered and the noises and bad weather present outside can't harm him in the comfort of
your home. Storms will no longer be a threat to your dog as he will learn he can endure
them in a safe environment.

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