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How to Deal With the Behavior Problems of Cats
by Gerry Restrivera
Cats are simply adorable. They are cuddly and cute, and yes, they enjoy receiving so much
attention. That is why sometimes, cats develop several annoying and destructive behavior and
you should know how to deal with behavior problems of cats.

Cats are animals, and as such do not have enough reasoning to tell and distinguish right from
wrong. But you, the cat owner, knows what is good and bad, and so it is your responsibility to
help your cat act accordingly. You need to deal with the behavior problems of cats.

Behavior problems of cats are the usual problems cat owners encounter from their cats. Some
owners really feel very annoyed by several of their cat's behavioral problems, so they just hire
cat trainers for long-term solutions. Attitude problems are very common in cats.

If you have a cat, it is not enough that you shower your pet with utmost attention and care. It
is your responsibility to instill in the cat right attitudes especially when there are other people
living in your house. Being adorable and cute are not enough for the cat to get away from
every offense it makes.

Tips for dealing with behavior problems of cats

Here are some practical tips that would help you control the unwanted behavior problems of
cats. Take note that cats also need to act nicely especially when there are other people in the
house or if there are guests:

Discipline your cat. This is one way to deal with the behavior problems of cats. You could
teach the animal about right and wrong behavior. For example, if you see your cat do a nice
thing, pat it gently on the head. Otherwise, push your palm on the cat's face. This would give it
the signal that what it just did is not acceptable.

Do not surprise your cat. Cats hate surprises so to avoid behavior problems of cats avoid
surprises. Do not disturb a sleeping cat or suddenly take away food from an eating cat. Doing
so would provoke the cat and make it really angry to attack you or anyone.

Do not ever hit a cat whenever it does nasty things. This is not a good way to deal with
behavior problems of cats. Hitting, just like in kids, is not very effective in making cats realize
what deed is wrong. Do not ever teach your cat to develop fear of you.

Make specific cat misbehavior impossible to be accomplished. This is another good way to
deal with behavior problems of cats. For example, if the cat wants to steel food from
containers, keep the containers tightly closed and sealed. Also make light objects and figurines
in the house out of reach of cats, or place them in a glass cabinet.

For littering and waste elimination behavior problems of cats, you could invest in cat litter
boxes. Cat litter boxes are very ideal in training the cat to urinate or eliminate feces

Take your cat to the vet regularly. That way, you could immediately tell if there is a
physiological problem in the cat. Behavior problems of cats may also due to pains. Usually,
when cats fall ill, they also tend to misbehave.

Cats are possessive. They want your sole attention. If there are other pets in the house, your
cat might sense that you are not faithful. To remedy this situation, do not let the cat see you
care for and nurture other pets.

Use reward and punishment to deal with behavior problems of cats. To make the cat also
behave properly, you could also make use of the reward system. For every good deed you see
in the cat, reward it by giving its special cat snack. Whenever the cat does bad acts, punish it
by not giving it any cat snack, though you must show the cat that there is cat snack that is
supposed to be given to it.

If you have tried the above mentioned tips and found no success do not lose hope, you can still
tame your cat and you can have a much more rewarding life with your cat if you only learn a
few secrets on cat behavior.

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