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Interacting with Your Dog

by Christine Jackson

Dogs need adequate exercises to keep them healthy and happy at all times. Giving them
enough of it will make them physically healthy and happy for so many years with you.
There are times when simple walking is not acceptable anymore, what you need to do is to
play with them using strenuous activities. It will also help them respond to what you are
doing and at the same time gives them enough reason not to get bored.

Making them involved in a lot of physical activities makes them closer to you and it will also
give them a chance to interact and become sociable with other dogs or animals. Exercise is
very essential to animals including mammals. If you have a dog, it is vital for you not to rely
on something’s instead make sure that you will be able to give them enough reason to be
happy and maintain their healthy body. There are lots of things to consider before you
start with the process of exercising, these are some of the most important things you
need to keep in mind:

1.        You should start with activities you can only handle and not to force each other to
do other things that are more advance. You should also make sure that you won’t hurt
yourself and your dog too. Deciding to exercise is vital so you need to make sure you both
have a hot warm up such as stretching to make your tightened muscles loose and
becomes ready for an exercise. Allow your dog to stretch first, teach him how to do is if he
doesn’t know that yet, it will be vital for him to do that because there might be certain
joints and ligament problems later on when not given him proper stretching. You need to
ask his veterinarian first regarding the type of exercise that is appropriate for certain dog
breeds. Asking the vet will be very helpful not just to your dog but to you too since you will
know how to properly attend to your dog’s needs.

2.        Start with something simple. Walking and jogging are the basic things you can both
do. Teach him how to keep a pace with you and it will also make him responsive and
exercise his intelligence too.

3.        Once he is familiar with jogging and walking, you can do biking while he is jogging
with you. This is best for bigger dogs. It can be don’t by making him run after you or better
yet, let him pull the bike using a leash.

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