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How to Keep Your Curious Cat Off Your Counters

Everyone loves their cat, but at times they can make you want to pull your hair out,
like, when they always jump up on kitchen counters or other places where they
shouldn't be. You may shoo them away but before you know it they are back on the
counter again. Do you think the only way to make them stay off the counter is pick
your cat up and then take them outside? Well here is a way to train your cat to not
jump up to places where they should not be.

Even though some people don’t mind their cat prancing around wherever they like, for
the sake of cleanliness and health, it should not be allowed. If you have an outside
cat, they are bringing in dirt and other outdoorsy particles on their paws. If your cat is
solely an indoor pet, they will have litter residue on their paws that often contain
chemicals and minerals that attract the cat to relieve themselves in their litter box. You
do not want these chemicals on your kitchen counters or family dinner table! Another
aspect about kitty litter that should not need mentioning is that the litter residue that
clings to your pet’s paws very likely contains residue of cat elimination. No one wants
that on any kitchen surface!

So, how do you keep your cat off the kitchen table or the kitchen counters? Here are
three options that seem to work well in keeping the kitty away from kitchen counters:

The first option is to cover the surface. Many people choose to use a carpet runner
that has little ridges on the underside. All you have to do is cut the carpet runner with
scissors, and each time you are not using your table or countertops, place the runner
upside-down on the surface. The texture is uncomfortable, yet completely safe for your
cat. Once they hop up and feel the uneven texture on their paws, they may think twice
before jumping up. Keep it there for a couple weeks and see if your kitty stops jumping
on top. Once you feel your cat is uninterested in the countertops and table, go ahead
and remove the carpet runner.

Another option for keeping the kitty away from kitchen surfaces is to sprinkle a dust of
chili powder on the top of your table and countertops. This way, when you kitty jumps
on top of the surface, they will get the powder on the bottom of their paws, and when
they lick their paws, their kitty tongue will not like it! Don’t worry…chili powder is not
harmful to cats, and they will not even ingest much of it at all. Though this alternative
is somewhat messy, it works. Pretty quickly your kitty will become uninterested in
jumping on the counter and table because they know what will happen to their paws.
And because they can’t actually see the tops, they will not notice when the powder is

The final option is to get a spray bottle with warm water inside of it. Each time your
kitty jumps onto a surface you don’t allow them on, spray them with the water. Pretty
soon, your cat will get the idea. When the see the bottle on the tabletop or on the
counter, they will begin to think twice before jumping on up! Even if they do hop on
top, as soon as you bring out the spray bottle, they will get down.

These were just a few options for keeping kitty off the tabletop and kitchen counters.
Good luck with your kitty counter endeavors!

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