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Lonely Dogs and How to Handle Them
by: Kristi Carter

Dogs belong in packs and when they are domesticated, they still look at their families as their
'packs.' They need to be social and they need attention. The way dogs have been
domesticated has created a bit of a problem. Allowing your dog to spend time with other dogs
is not satisfactory. They need time with their human friends. Sure, we have lives that are
extremely busy, so it can be difficult to give our dogs as much attention as we need. As we
rush around like maniacs trying to get important things done, trying to spend time with our
dogs can feel like a burden.

When you're feeling like this, spending time with your dog sure can seem like more of a chore
than having a relaxing, fun time with your four legged friend. Taking him or her for a walk can
feel like a chore among a million chores that you have to accomplish. This definitely lessens the
quality of the time you spend with your dog. It shouldn't be this way but sometimes it seems
like life has you by the collar!

The way that we live really does affect our dogs. For instance, if we are stressed out all the
time, what kind of personal time we have, our general demeanors really have a lot to do with
our dogs' temperament. The dogs sometimes take on their human companions' moods and
feelings - to the point that if you're depressed or stressed out all the time, your dog can be
anxious and depressed as well. Also, if we are busy with certain things, walking the dog or
spending time with him can be pushed to the back burner and your dog will truly suffer
because of this. There are a few things that you can do to make time for your dog so that he or
she is not lonely!

* Take your dog with you when you are out doing the normal daily tasks. Whether you have to
go pay bills, drive your children here or there or even going out for a drive, take your dog. He
or she will love going, even if she has to sit in the car. Getting out of the house and having
something different to look at is a great thing for your dog to get a chance to do. If you will
have other people in the car, for instance if you will be driving your kids around or picking up
friends, this is a great way for your furry friend to socialize. One thing you should be sure of is
to never leave your dog for more than a half an hour in the car and you should NEVER leave
your dog in the car on a hot day. This could result in fatal injuries due to the heat.

* Let your pooch sleep in the bedroom with you at night. He or she doesn't have to sleep on
the bed - they can have a cozy spot in the corner. Still, just the time together with you is
enough to put him or her at ease. Neither one of you have to do anything but you're spending
time together anyway. This is a great thing to do. If you've noticed how dogs lie together when
they are puppies, you will understand that dogs have an instinct to be close to the pack during
times when they are vulnerable, like sleeping. This helps them to feel secure and safe. So, for
an easy way to keep your dog happy and healthy, allow them to sleep in the bedroom with you
at night. * Try exploring different areas with your dog. Becoming accustomed to the same old
route can also become boring. Although dogs like familiar surroundings, they also appreciate
exploring new areas and seeing new things. Taking your dog through the woods or down a
new path or even to the beach would be a great idea. You could even take your dog on a hike.
The key is for you to enjoy the time you spend together as well because then you will want to
do it more often and that will help the relationship between you and your dog!

* Spend time with your dog while you're doing other things. You can multi-task and you won't
have to feel guilty that you're not spending time with your dog. For instance, while you are
watching television, you can brush and groom your dog. Or, if you're ready for a relaxing nap,
allow your pooch to hop up on the couch and snooze along with you (unless of course he or
she is a large breed dog - then you might get pushed off onto the floor!) Doing simple things
like this can be very enjoyable for your dog and doesn't take much extra effort and no extra
time from you!

* Encourage the other members of your household to play with your dog and spend time with
him or her. If you live alone, you could hire a dog walker a few times a week (someone that
you fully trust with your pet) and allow your dog the chance to interact with others and have a
good time. If the dog lives in a house with children, this is great because children usually have
tons of time and energy. Make sure that your dog understands that he or she is not dominant
over the children and that the dog will obey the children's commands before you allow the child
to play with the dog alone. Not only will this help keep your dog happy and well-adjusted, but
it takes some of the responsibility off of your shoulders as well.

While you still need to spend a good amount of time with your dog, giving him or her attention,
making sure that he or she is healthy and happy, you can make your life easier in some ways
using the tips and tricks above.
About The Author  Kristi Carter

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