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Predicting a Dog’s Temperament

by Heather Kelley

Most potential dog owners do not want a dog with a bad disposition or temperament.  People
want dogs to play around and have fun with; if a dog begins to show negative behavior they
usually starts a process where a dog is given away to different owners.  This generally will
confuse them and their behavior becomes worse.  There are some owners out there that are
unable to part with their badly behaved dogs no matter what their behavior.

Prospective dog owners want to do everything they can to find the right dog because they will be
looking after this animal for over a decade.  They will be spending their time, money on this dog
and will be responsible for any damage their animals cause.  The hope is to do enough research
and avoid choosing the wrong dog.

There are no written rules when it comes to the care of dogs and while some people may think it
is wrong to keep dogs in small apartments, on leashes, or to have them in cities.  The worst thing
you can do to a dog is be unprepared to keep them for a lifetime.  Be aware of all the issues that
come with having a dog.

Where Does Bad Temperament Come From?

Like children, dogs get their behavior from their parents and certain dogs have certain
characteristics.  Selective breeding has produced a group of purebred dogs that often come with
bad behavior.

The early weeks for a newborn puppy are critical to his future behavior.  One element to
look at is whether the puppy acknowledges people when looking away from his mother and
siblings.  Trauma, illnesses, and accidents will have detrimental affect to a dog’s behavior in the
future.  The owner has a tremendous influence on the behavior of a dog, both good and bad.

Most Dog Buyers Are Not Educated Enough to Properly Choose a Dog

The reason most people get a dog is because they are looking for a companion for themselves or
a playmate for their children.  Most people do not think about the temperament of a dog and have
no clue what to look for.  Temperament should be the number one priority when purchasing a
dog.  A moody or nervous dog could be dangerous around children and an unsatisfactory

A lot of people think mixed dog breeds have a more stable temperament and this could not be
more false.  A few years ago a mixed Chow-Spitz tragically killed a young child.  The dog had a
history of killing smaller animals and had other examples of bad behavior.  This is an extreme
example, but you need to be smart about getting a dog and be cautious if you’re thinking about
taking a dog from another family.

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