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Training Your Canine Friend

By Jim Tate

Dogs should be considered more than simply pets; they are part of your family.  Just like with
kids, a dog needs a lot of time, care and love to stay happy and healthy.  It is the job of the
dog owner, to train them right from wrong. This is so that you can be a proud dog owner.
To train a dog the proper way, it takes a lot of patience and consistency. It doesn’t matter  if
you are  obedience training, stopping them from barking, housebreaking or learning their
name, potty training, crate training, walking on a leash, putting them in cute dog clothes, or
learning dog tricks,  it is the dog owner who is solely responsible for the outcome of his/her

Just like humans, pets love having a routine. So, therefore, if you start a good behavioral
routine, this will make you and your dog happier.  Your pet must respond to your commands at
all times. Dog training will help your dog on the right track and keep him safe.

It is imperative to remember that you are the head and the boss.  Make sure you remember to
cease from rewarding bad behavior.  Just make sure that you have a positive attitude and be
firm, friendly and always remain consistent.  Make sure that you and your pet have fun time
during every training session.  You have to be able to put in sufficient amount of energy and
time and energy with your pet. This will automatically bond you and your pet better.  Always
remember that mistakes and error will always happen. This is all part of the training process.
Just stay true to your goals. When you do, you will be successful.  You will be satisfied with the
good results and your pet will be happy in knowing what he/she is expected to do.

When you are constantly praising your dog when he does the right thing, he/she will be
compelled to improve his/her behavior.  As a dog owner, you must be able to discover the
technique that works best for you and your dog.  It is important to note that dog training
should never end after your pet has completed dog training class; training has to continue at
home all throughout the course of the day.

There is one thing that many dog owners do not consider and that is aggression problems can
be avoided only if you have your pet neutered.  It is imperative that you realize is that crate
training is not a form punishment. Crate training is a pleasure because your dog has their own
space that belongs to no other. Bonding with your pet should be fun and exciting for both the
dog owner and the dog.

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