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Oops! What to Do When Your Dog Stains The Carpet

By Deb Smith

The day our new puppy, Cocoa, came to live with us was quite an exciting one!
Our new Cocker Spaniel ran all over the house exploring everything she could, her tail
wagging and her ears flapping. The kids were just as excited as she was as they ran
around the house after her.

Friendly neighbors came over to meet her, showering her with attention and tasty treats.
She made a lot of new friends, including the family cat. Her day was filled with so many
exciting new experiences. One of them, unfortunately, was the new mess on our carpet.

We didn't get mad at her for making this mess, as most new dog owners do. But we were
still left with this spot on the carpet, and we knew the scent would draw her to it again for
future potty breaks unless we did something about it.

The Proper Way to Clean Up Puppy Accidents

It's important to clean the potty accident as thoroughly as possible. For urine, blot up as
much as you can with paper towels. Pick up feces gently so you don't rub it further into the
floor. Your household carpet cleaner won't work on a feces or urine stain, so don't even
bother with it.

Most household cleaners and detergents are unable to remove the potty scent, which is
what draws the animal back to do it again and again. It's best to use a cleaner that is
designed specifically for this purpose, one that contains odor and stain removers.

There are a few spray cleaners out there that are perfect for small accidents. There are also
products available that contain enzymes, which naturally break down the chemicals in the
waste and eliminate any odors. These products must be used alone to be effective, without
the prior use of other cleaners. Dog noses are so much more sensitive than ours are so it's
important to use these products thoroughly to ensure that even the dog won't be able to
detect it.

This is an important part of housetraining your dog. If you don't properly clean your dog's
accidents, the dog will be drawn back to the same area again, prolonging the time it will
take to properly housetrain him.

The enzyme product can properly do the job because it absorbs and "digests" the material
in the carpet or wood, eliminating the problem odor, so the dog doesn’t find the area again.

A great way to confirm that the spot has been removed properly is to use a black light. This
will enable you to see spoiled areas that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

Content written by
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