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Holistic Care: Your Dog’s Nature through Iridology

If you want to know more about your dog’s essential composition - his sensitivities and
disposition - for different situations, look into his eyes.

Through his eyes, you can understand your dog’s personality and behavior. You’ll understand if
certain behaviors are normal for him or if they are behaviors that he has acquired from external
forces, like a trauma. By identifying your dog’s inner nature, you’ll be able to really “see” your
dog in a deeper way, understand why he does what he does, and how you can fix it.  

It is called Iridology, an ancient practice of gazing at the eye’s iris and analyzing the colors,
textures, and markings that make up the eye. A dog’s constitution is his inner nature, his
disposition, and how his body adjusts to the way he lives.

By studying your dog’s constitution, you can uncover the cause of behavioral problems and
determine how solve them. Iridologists classified three types of constitution on problematic

Dogs with Emotional Bodies: These dogs have “openings,” called lacunas, shaped like
flower petals around the iris. Dogs with emotional bodies are considered born healers, and they
can sense the emotional energy of everyone he encounters.

Because of his keen perception, an emotional body dog has difficulty letting go and handling
different energies. Because of that, he often exhibits excessive emotional behaviors such as
possessiveness, clinginess, destructiveness, and melancholy.

Nervous Sensitive Dogs: These dogs show lines running around their iris called nerve rings,
which indicate that the dogs are experiencing a stress that has a direct influence on their
nervous system. Nervous sensitive dogs are usually difficult, inflexible, controlling, and bossy.

On the positive side, they are hard-working and love routine. In order to feel safe and secure,
they should be busy and always know what is going on around. Precise commands and clear
directions are vital.

Immune Reactive Dogs: These dogs show a thick, white halo around the iris that signals
instability in the nervous system a result of being overwhelmed by internal and external stimuli.

These dogs lack the ability to filter information that they receive. Dogs with this constitution are
reactionary and hyper. They cannot tell threatening from non-threatening situations.

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