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Hair Raising Tails 5 Dog Grooming Problems Part 2
by Mike Brown

Grooming a dog is not always simply the matter of knowing the right brush and comb.
Groomers, both professional and amateur, face situations when they have to work
with extra care or adapt their methods to the needs of the specific animal. In the first
part of this article, we looked at the difficulties of cutting matted hair and grooming
senior dogs. Part 2 will focus on how to groom puppies and obese dogs. It will also
look at the special problems posed by dogs with medical conditions.

Grooming The Younger Set - Puppy Problems

Ah, the problem with puppies. They wriggle, they squirm and they twist their little
bodies. They want to kiss you one minute and run away the next. They want to see
everything at the same time and poke their nose into everything.

You have to make grooming pleasant not scary. You have to work with the puppy
without giving into the puppy. It can be a balancing act. There are however, some
things you should consider when you are grooming a puppy.

•         Never force the issue. You want to make the puppy enjoy and relax during
grooming. He or she will have to undergo this many times during his or her life. You do
not want to make it a negative experience at the start.

•         When you are working around the eyes use blunt scissors. This will help the
puppy get adjusted to the sound of snipping, the hand movements and the sensation
around the eyes.

•         Always use tearless shampoo. Puppies easily get the soap in their eyes. They
may also try to drink it or play with the bubbles.

•         Rinse the puppy thoroughly.

•         Praise them lavishly. Bribes often help.

Grooming Obese Dogs

Obese dogs require special handling during grooming. A dog with too much weight
cannot and does not need to stand too long on his or her feet. You will have to groom
swiftly. You should also provide the animal with frequent rest breaks. They can sit or lie
down in between snips.

There are also considerations you can implement when you are grooming an obese

•         Take special care around certain skin regions. Obese dogs tend to have
sensitive belly and armpits. This is where the skin rubs.

•         Obese dogs are prone to slipping on hard surfaces. Place towels and/or mats to
reduce this possible problem.

•         Make sure you know the medical conditions of this obese dog. Such animals are
more likely to suffer from heart and lung problems.

•         Avoid too much pressure on the joints.

•         Take care you are not stressing the heart and lungs.

•         When clipping an obese dog, always try to trim the nails short. You should also
remove the hair between the paw pads. This will give the animal a little more traction

Grooming Dogs With Medical Conditions

Some dogs with a variety of health problems may present themselves for grooming.
You need to treat them with care. Many small breed dogs suffer from a condition
referred to as collapsed trachea.  It becomes worse when they are excited. In order to
decrease the chance of negative effects, you must adjust. You need to place the
grooming loop around the neck, but you also have to place one foot through it. This
will prevent the loop from pushing against the trachea. It will also stop the dog from
pulling down the loop and inducing a coughing fit.

If you are grooming a dog who suffers from seizures, you also have to make
allowances. Epileptic seizures are common among certain breeds of dogs. If you are
grooming a dog with epilepsy, try to reduce the stress. If, however, the dog has a
seizure, do not panic.

•         Remain calm.

•         Make sure the animal is in no danger of falling off the table or drowning.

•         Speak calmly no matter how you feel.

•         Do not interfere unless the animal is actually going to harm him or herself.

•         Do move things away from the mouth.

•         Wait for the seizure to pass.

Grooming is not as straight forward as some people believe. While some days it may
be simple clips, snips, styling and baths, other days you are faced with special

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