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Intense Brushing for your Canine Companion

by Helen Tate

The opinions between dog owners vary considerably when it comes to brushing the
canines coats to give them a firm and lean look, without being tangled and dirty. There
are people who like to perform this type of activity on a daily basis and there are others
who don’t like to do it at all. Coat brushing in the case of your house pet can prove to
be beneficial. We have outlined several reasons that support the idea of having the coat
of your dog brushed on a daily or weekly basis.

Coat Brushing reduce the amount of hair shed by your Canine
There are no means of keeping your dog from shedding his fur coat. Frequent brushing
on the other hand can reduce the amount of hair your canine will leave around the
house. A canine that doesn’t receive proper care and doesn’t have his coat brushed
often will shed his hair everywhere he goes without making any distinction. The best
way to properly brush your dog is at three day intervals. The canine will have less hair
to shed and your home will be a lot cleaner.

Frequent brushing maintains the dog coat clean and the canine’s skin healthy

The coat will in turn soften and become shinier while the dirt is cleaned off it
The dog will in many occasions gather dirt or grass in his coat and in time he will develop
an odor about him that will be hard to resist. By cleaning his coat regularly he will have
a healthier skin and he will avoid bacterial infections and skin diseases. He will feel at
ease with himself and lead a long and healthy life without having to suffer from pain or
to take medication for various illnesses.

Small Problems turn to Big ones if precautions aren’t taken
A small problem will surely develop into a huge problem if you do not brush your canine’s
fur coat. On a more extensive approach if you examine the surface of the dog’s skin you
will notice a lot of empty patches, signs of broken skin, possible signs of infection where
bacteria might have set in and in time if you have been ignorant you will find skin rashes
or small sores. This type of open wounds can lead in time to cancer and your canines will
develop tumors. The sooner you investigate the greater the odds of your canine surving.

Spend some alone time with your canine companion
The canine will enjoy having his coat brushed on a regular basis and this will be the
perfect time for you to have some alone time with your pet. These moments will serve
for rest and relaxation and you will benefit from them greatly. The canine will be
satisfied with the level of attention you offer him and he will also maintain good health
overall. The canine will view the brushing as a sign of care and affection and he will be
most pleased with it. You can also talk to him and give him your attention while you
gently stroke him with the brush. He will desire to be more and more obedient and he
will please you to the best of his ability.

Coat brushing in the case of dogs is vital to their health.
The mental, emotional and physical integrity of the canine are all affected by this simple
fact. The moments spent brushing your dog will be viewed as quality time in which you
and your canine will bond a lot better. Brushing the fur of your canine will have a long
term impact on the quality of life he will lead and he will thank you for your attention for
the duration of his natural life.

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