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Pet Saver Vest
Dog floatation device for swimming, boating,any other water activity.
  • The Pet Saver Vest provides ultimate
  • Thick padded material.
  • High visibility bright orange color.
  • Provide a secrure comfort fit.
  • Adjustable design.
  • Top-grab handle and D-ring for leash
  • Available in following sizes
X-Small - 8"      Small - 12"        
Medium - 16"    Large - 20"       
X-Large - 24"
Pet Saver Vest   
High performance dog floatation device for boating, water sport
adventures and other outdoor activities with dogs
  • Provides flotation and ultimate buoyancy Bright
    orange color for easy visibility. Features quick
    release buckles
  • Adjustable straps and a convenient top grab handle.
  • Water repellent Neoprene and Cordura materials
    provide warmth and protection from abrasion
Small (Up to 18 lbs/15-19" Girth)
Small (15-25 lbs/19-24" Girth)
Medium (20-30 lbs/22-29" Girth)
Large (40-70 lbs/26-35" Girth)
X-Large (Over 70 lbs/31-42" Girth)
Flotation Jacket for Dogs w/ Removable Flap
Kyjen Pet Saver Life Jacket     
Doggles Flotation Jackets are just what y your dog needs when
visiting the ocean, the lake, or even around the pool at home.
  • The Flotation Jacket has an detatchable
    chin float to help keep the nose out of the
  • Variable thickness buoyancy cells.
  • Bright contrasting colors.
  • 1680 denier nylon construction, Low profile
    handle with D rings,
  • Reflective trim throughout.
  • Available in bright, reflective Orange with
    black trim in a size to fit most dogs.
Cool K-9  Cooling Safety Vest for Dogs
The COOL K-9 cooling jacket for dogs can help your dog stay cool
on hot days.
  • Dog stays cool and dry
  • Relieves body heat through the evaporative
  • Reflective, for high visibility at night
  • Good for dogs 60-100lbs
  • Fits chest sizes 29-36"
Skid Plate - Blaze Orange
The original Skid PlateTM for dogs - Unlike other protective vests
on the market, the Skid PlateTM is made to last and fit properly!
  • Recommended by veterinarians to protect
    post-surgical wounds.
  • Designed with the dog in mind, The Skid
    PlateTM offers high visibility and total
    mobility with an open back to avoid
  • Two layers of water resistant 1000 denier
    Cordura® nylon for extreme durability
    and protection from the worst abrasions,
    cuts and punctures the field has to offer.
  • Adjustable strap system made of rugged
    nylon webbing with quick release polymer
    buckles, slide adjusters and steel center
    ring to ensure the Skid PlateTM stays on
    while providing the best possible fit.
Using water absorbing, polymer crystals, sewn
into supplex fabric, the evaporative process
allows heat to physically transfer from the dog
to the jacket, similar to our bodies own
manner of cooling through perspiration.
Even when fully soaked, the jacket holds the
water, keeping your dog cool and dry. The
jacket can be charged over and over. When
winter comes, a dry jacket becomes an
insulating jacket, helping to cut the cold
Guardian Gear Dog Life Vest
The Guardian Gear Life Jacket provides protection and visibility
for dogs on the water.
  • Neon yellow nylon and dual reflective strips
    provide extra visibility.
  • Large, extra strong Velcro tabs and
    adjustable straps
  • Quick-release locking clips keep the jacket
    securely fastened.
  • Quick-pickup handle makes easy work of
    dog-overboard rescues
  • A loop allows for leash attachment.
Infrared Magnetic Therapy Dog Jacket
The Humboldt Infrared Magnetic Therapy Jacket is recommended
to accelerate recovery from injury, improve mobility of older or
arthritic dogs, and  improve the well being of your canine friend.
  • Combines the proven benefits of magnetic
    therapy and infrared technology
  • Constructed of easy to clean polyester mesh
  • Enhances your dog's health.
  • Fits dogs with a 23" to 25" neck.
Swim Vest for Small Dogs
Just enough floatation to aid in swimming. Conquer the pool!
  • Helps aid in swimming
  • Variable thickness buoyancy cells
  • Reflective trim
  • 1680 denier nylon construction
  • D ring attached for easy attachment to a leash
  • Adjustable girth strap
  • Vest - harness style with black buckle closure
  • Three colors to choose from
Specialty Clothing Items - Life Saver Vests  & Jackets     Post Surgery & Therapy Vests
Keep your pet safe around pools or when sailing on a boat with a dog life vest.  Not all dogs can swim very well.  
Life vests will ensure that if an accident was to happen, your dog will be able to keep its head above water.
Improve the well-being of your companion with a cooling vest in summer, post-surgery vests , therapy vests.