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Cat Breeds/Breeders
Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)
The world's largest registry of pedigreed cats!
Information on cat shows, cat breeds and cat care, and a showcase
of top winning cats.

Short Haired Cats
Find the best breed of cat for you. Choose from short haired cats
like the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Sphynx and Oriental
Siamese Cats.

Catteries Essex Directory  
Find a cattery or catteries in essex catteries based in basildon,
chelmsford, clacton, colchester, epping, halstead, harlow, harwich,
ilford, maldon, romford, southend, braintree and brentwood.  

Meow House Breeder of Persian and Himalayan Kittens is a breeder of Persian and Himalayan
Kittens for Sale including Oakheaven, Co-Bridge, Catley Crue,
Lotsapurr, Shady Grove, and Wren Brook. is an information portal for cat lovers who
want to learn more about different cat breeds and how to provide
the care that these cats deserve.

Siamese Cats
Find out everything there is to know about Siamese cats, including
history, fun facts, training, behavioral traits and more.

Cat Breeds
Cat Breeds Junction is a resource dedicated to cats and related cat
information. Cat breeders, cat supplies, cat names and cat care.
Int. Cats Breeder Directory
International directory of pedigreed breeders, searchable by
breed, breeder, location, name. We provide also service for
retired pure breed cats, studs and kitten search.  

Linrenay Persians  
We are a home based cfa registered persian cattery. We sell
beautiful, healthy persian kittens. Our cats are from grand
champion and champion blood lines. Our cats have full roam of
our homes and are raised to become loving members of your

About Pussy Cat Doll and More
All about cats: cat health, cat names, cat care, choosing cat
food, cat behavior, kitten care, getting a new cat, and all the
aspects of living with a cat

Cute Kittens .tv  
Cute kittens breed profiles and videos; cute kittens, cute kitten,
kittens, kitten, cats, cat  

Siamese Cat Pictures
A cat website devoted to the Siamese cat breed, with pictures of
Lilac Point Siamese, Chocolate Point Siamese and Applehead
Siamese Cats.

Sahja Siamese & Oriental Cats and Kittens
Illinois Siamese & Oriental Cats information

Savannah Kittens
Majestic Savannahs
puppy and kitten
Which Breed is right for you?
Each breed of cat has its own special characteristics and needs. Some need more care than others. For a quick guide to
personlaity, size, grooming requirements, activity level, and the breed's average child-friendly and pet-friendly rating,
please see the chart
Cat Breed Characteristics