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Cat Furniture
Cat carriers, doors, beds, crates. Everything to keep you
cat happy and well-cared for.

The Cat and Kitten Store
Offers discount pet supplies, cat furniture, cat trees, cat
condos, towers, pet houses, Kittywalk Systems, pet beds,
cat toys with free shipping on select items!

Cozy Cat Furniture
Whether you're looking for tall cat tree, wooden cat
furniture or just cat scratching post for the cat in your life,
we have everything you need to keep your cat healthy
and happy, and you will not find them in the pet stores.
Catty Stacks - Economical, Ecofriendly, Configurable Cat
Economical, eco-friendly, configurable designer cat houses.
Available in different colors with several accessories, you
can stack and connect as few or as many as you like. Made
from durable, double-walled, recycled corrugated paper,
cats love them! !  
puppy and kitten