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All our affordable dog agility equipment has reinforced lightweight
metal frames for stability and strength. The metal will be primed
and painted the color of your choice.

Agility Bits.
The dog agility site that has something for everyone. If you want to
have a go at making your own equipment there's several pages on
how.There's also an agility fun section which includes how to teach
the dogwalk using planks and a cat...and there's plenty of
information for beginners in the classes and shows section.

Dog Agility Training Equipment & Accessories    
We specialize in professionally built, affordable **all furniture grade
PVC** dog agility equipment and agility obstacles at
Dog Agility USA
Where dog lovers and dog trainers will find the most comprehensive
top quality dog agility equipment selection on the web. We have
everything a dog needs for agility and speed training, for fun or

Agility by Carlson
Offers dog agility equipment, such as weave poles, tire jump,pause
table, trainnig aids, contact trainer, A-frame, dogwalk, agility jumps
and obedience jumps

Hill Agility Equipment
High quality Dog Agility Equipment at an affordable price.
puppy and kitten