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Jordyalan Border Collies
Breeders of Beautiful Border Collies in Australia. See wonderful
photo's of our dogs and puppies, or browse through our numerous
links and info pages.

Mollasser World
This site is dedicated to the Molosserbreeds and to their human
companions. Molosserworld was first made as a website for the
Mastiffs and Bulldogs of the world, with some of the Mountain dogs
and Flock Guardians represented.

Training Scottish Terrier
Best information about training scottish terrier dogs - Terrier Dogs
A website catering to terrier dog lovers providing
information and resources for these specific breeds.

Chihuahua Names  
Find chihuahua names to fit every chihuahua out there. Find dog
names by breed, category and nationality.  

Training Boxer Dog
Complete and updated information for successful training boxer

German Spitz World
The premier site for all things German Spitz related

The Classic Saluki
The only independent Saluki breed publication in the U.S. since

Pomeranian Savvy
All about the beautifull pomeranian. History, care, and more.

Doberman Puppies
Tips on buying Doberman puppies.

Bodroniki Kennels
Bodroniki - small hobby responsible West Highland White Terrier
and Yorkshire Terrier Breeder in Kent, UK.

German Shorthaired Pointers  
German shorthair pointer puppies and dogs. German shorthaired
pointers breed standards, breed history and breed information.

Ailis Westies
Westie site that provides information about caring for your Westie.  
Rupp roaring border collies~ quality border collies and border collie
puppies for herding, competition and great companions. We offer
private agility classes for you and your dog. Pets, dogs, agility,
border collies, herding  
Kerschberger German Shepherd Dog      
Breeding internationally known German Shepherd dogs only.
West German Sheperd puppy and dog breeders

For the Love of Corgis
For the Love of Corgis and all other dogs and pets. Their health
and wellbeing after FHO surgery.
Building the largest Community of Designer Dog Owners,
Breeders and Information anywhere. A place for others to share
their stories, pictures and information with other dog lovers.

All about the wonderful dog breed of Vizlsa, puppies and caring
for your Vizsla.

Cute Puppies  
Video and profiles of cute puppies Study the temperament,
training aptitude, grooming requirements, common health
concerns, exercise needs, size of breed you are considering
before making decision on which cute puppy to bring home.

Rocky Mtn Shih Tzu  
Rocky mtn shih tzu provides top quality, home-bred shih tzu
puppies to discerning pet owners in idaho, utah, wyoming, and

Cute Puppies  
Most popular cute puppies videos & breed profiles  

Great Pyrenees Dog
Number one website on Great Pyreenees.

Save the Dalmatians & Others Canine Rescue, Inc.
Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue, Inc. is a
501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the
rescue of Dalmatians from shelters, the promotion of adoptions
of shelter Dalmatians and education of the public about the
Dalmatian breed.

puppy and kitten