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Puggle Puppies
Puggle breeder forum!

number one pet forum for dogs on the planet. Dog owners from
across the globe come to share their experiences and ask
questions about living with dogs and puppies

About Dogs - The Dog Park Forum
If you have questions or just want to share a story about your
favourite furry friend, feel free to post on the forum! Posting is a
great way to make new friends and meet other dog lovers as well
as get great advice from dog experts.

Dog Blog
puppyfast – a blog that helps you to take the best care of your pet
at home. Visit us daily to have the best and latest information &
news from the web and get closer to your pet easily. Share your
stories, opinion, photos & Videos on pet. Forum
For Knowledgeable and caring dog owners

Purebred Dog Community
Your Online Community for Purebred Dogs

Chihuahua Friends
The first and the best Italian site of Chihuahua. A lot of informations,
utilities, pictures and much more of this breed! And the greatest
community forum of chihuahua in Italy!
puppy and kitten