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Pets Forum
This forum is for the discussion of pets, and not for discussions by
pets! Pets are prohibited from posting to our forums! And we mean
that! Geez, they never listen

Pets Forum
General pet talk, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish

i Heart Paws Forums
Forums onAnimal Health & Nutrition, Animal Training and More

MedHelp Pet Behavior and Health Forums
An online community to share health and behavior questions about
Pets. Choose a forum to view the questions and comments and
register to post your own questions

Online Pet Blog
Everything about pets on the net. Find latest information, articles,
tips and suggestion on pets. Share your funny photos, videos and
stories on puppyfast.
Discuss Pets @ PetLovers.Com
Online community with email and forums for animal and pet

Pet Forum
A ring of pet forum sites, where you can chat and discuss your
furbabies! ( forums on cats, dogs, monkeys, iquanas, ferrets,
parrots, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens, pigs,
birds goats, any pets )

MyPetsandPeople is an online community of pet lovers. Have
your own free website, and one for each of your pets, it's free, fun,
and easy. Join pet lovers around the world to share pictures, pet
information, resources and your favorite video.

Pets Tp Me
A blog designed to highlight the beauty of pets using articles and
information covering every pet imaginable and seeks to show how
to deal with pets
puppy and kitten