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Picture Gallery 2
The Cohen "kids"  
Brady with Munya
Brady and "best friend" Munya, the neighbor's
Whippet-mix.  How they loved to run and play.  
Sadly, Munya went to the Rainbow Bridge. She
is sorely missed by family and friends.
Our page dedicated to beloved pets who have
gone on to the Rainbow Bridge
Benji is a  5 year old Shih Tzu
Born February 28, 2002.
Benji became the love of our life
and filled the hole when our
Chewy died.  Our children and
grandchildren love him, he is so
obedient and very gentle with
them  and he has captured the
English language very well.  We
sometimes call him "bungee"
as he jumps quite high to greet
us when we return home.  -

Dave & Maureen Haynes
Buster, our three- year old Beagle,  is a great
companion who "appears" to listen to every
word we say to him.  He loves going for walks
in the park where he chases the squirrels,  
pigeons, and anything else that will run.
Gary & Shirley  Denton
Prince Closeup
Our gorgeous collie, Prince, is
just that, a  true prince among
dogs . Loving and gentle, he is
a wonderful companion. He
is friendly with both people
and other dogs...and he even
likes the neighbors cats.
The Jensens
Erica, Bob, Kim and Josie

Boomer is a  four month old  
Australian Shepherd /Boxer cross.
We got her when she was just seven
weeks old.
We had been looking for a dog in need of rescue at the Humane society when we
found Boomer and fell in love with her. We got Boomer  from a breeding couple
who were selling her on behalf of a neighbour. She was an accidental pregnancy
but a beautiful one.  She LOVES both people and dogs. She has been attending
puppy school and is now ready to graduate. She's definitely our little baby.
Jody and Kevin
These darling dogs are
the proud owners of
Eileen & Mellisa Cohen
Littermates Lumps and Delilah
This is my 5 week old
baby girl,
Delilah. She is
my first pet, well, the first
pet that is mine should I
say. She is the cutest
thing, super playful, and
spoiled rotten. She
meows when she wants
on the bed with me and
meows when she needs
down to potty or eat.
She sleeps on a furry blanket next to me on her
back and kicks in her sleep. And she follows me
like a little duckling, I've been there with her  from
a week old, and she deffinitly knows who her
mommy is!

The other kitten is her littermate
Lumps, my
boyfriend's kitten.   - Kayla Conn
Delilah & Lumps
Portrait of Butterscotch
This is my portrait of
Butterscotch our little mixed
breed queen of the house

Bonnie D Land
Smokey, our beautiful
Himalayan -Persian mix,
spends most of her time
taking cat naps. She loves
being brushed but hates
baths.  Although very
loving with her family, she
doesn't take to strangers.
Phyllis & Doug Warner
Trixie Belle is our sweet little Papillon.
Although she is ony 7 1/2 pounds, she
thinks she's a "big dog', and prefers to
play with the Great Dane down the
street to her next-door neighbor, a
Pomeranian the same size as her.
She likes cats, but absolutely hates
the squirrels who tease her from their
perches in the trees.
Joan & Doug
Hello everyone I am Penny.
I am a Border Collie/Shelty
Mix. I am 6 years old female
and full of energy and really
inquisitive. The latter gets me
into trouble a lot. My Human
daddy adopted me back in
2002 after his father was
killed in a Downhill Skiing
accident at Alpental Ski Area
in the State of Washington.
I am his little furry Angel.
Isn’t this shot beautiful?
The Cat’s name is  Marco Pierre
The Shot was taken by Marguerite
The Corrigans
Hi!  I'm the newest addition
to the Cohen Clan. I'm an
adorable baby pomeranian
(male) Melissa and Eileen
have  call me Popeye
She may look like a
witches' cat. ...but she's
really sweet and cuddly.

Grant, Amy,& Emma
Hi Everyone!
Our names are Cruiser and Dexter.

We've been visiting our (human) grandparents all summer while Mom and
Dad have been busy packing .and doing all those people things to get ready
to relocate to Canada from Europe

We came over by plane in early summer. They will be returning by ship at
the end of summer, and we will join them probably the end of October.
(Depends when our furnityure gets here)

It's been fun visiting Grandma and Granpa, but we miss Mom and Dad and
will be SOOOOOO happy to see them.
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