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Picture Gallery 3
Our page dedicated to beloved pets who have
gone on to the Rainbow Bridge
Snowflake,a Bichon
Frise/Poodle mix, is
only 3 months old.
She's got lots of hair,
but she doesn't
shed. So my little
brother can play with
her. (He has lots of
allergies) She's
really cute. She likes
to play with her little
lamb toy, which is
exactly the same
color as her, a sort of
white, called cream.   
Tigger is a tri-color Shih Tzu.  I found him for
sale on Craigslist.  He spoke straight to my
heart as soon as I saw him.  I had taken a
zippered pet carrier to bring him home in but
he snuggled right down in my lap and stayed
there all the way home.  He is very friendly and
fearless.  He speaks to every dog at the vets
no matter how big and wags all over when
people pay attention to him.  He loves chasing
my grandchildren around.  
MPF (Bitsy)
Tigger is growing into a most beautiful
and noble dog.  
This was taken Thanksgiving 2008.
Muttley is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier
puppy who loves to  cuddle and be
cuddled. He's just like a little baby. We
even fed him from a bottle when we first
got him.

He loves his Kibbles, likes to play with his
squeeky toys and go for short walks.
The Dorans
This is my sister's standard
poodle - I just love him that's
why I decided to get one
myself.  The dog will ring a
bell to go out to the bathroom
and even when the cats are
sitting there wanting to go
out. Ha  -  Charlene
This is Blue, one of our dogs.
Isn't it cute the way he's sitting?
CH Baizana's Princess Megan
Owned by Marthe Baizana
of Baizana Pekingese
She is our Gizmo's Dam
Champion Pequest Persuasive
Owned by David Fitzpatrick of East
Berlin, Pennsylvania
"Tucker" is our Gizmo's Sire
Christmas Portrait of "The Boys" December 2008
Sir Winston ("Gizmo")
Portraits by Blue Mountain Photography   - Click on images for larger view
i am Chico Chihuahua.
I am cute. I am Funny. I am smart
i am adorable. Si  My human parents
Pat and Bill think I am the most
beautiful little dog in the world.
They are right! Si

Max is our 4 year old black chow chow.
He is very outgoing and friendly with  
people, other dogs, and even cats.

Max  loves long walks, going to the
dog park, and car rides. He doesn't
like the  pesky squirrels and pigeons
and he hates thunderstorms. But he
doesn't mind a walk in the rain and
loves to go swimming.when we go to
the lake.

Jon and Bertina
Ringo is our 4 1/2 year old
Merlequin male Great
Dane. He looks very
dignified here, but he is
very playful, friendly, and  
full of energy, and loves
this dog park. He's BIG.
The Graysons
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