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Picture Gallery 4
Our page dedicated to beloved pets who have
gone on to the Rainbow Bridge
Little Tazzy Blue
Rosie and Little Tazzy Blue
Hi,  We are the proud owners and protectors of Sara and Adrian
We live in San Francisco
Our wonderful Shepherds, Apollo and Zeus
Greg and Cheryl
Emma is a Bijon Frise  
- Lhasa Apso cross.
who loves to run and
play with her best
friend Gizmo.
She is an adorable
little girl who lives with
her human sister Nina,
and her Mom, Adele.
Our "Scruffy" little Yorkie
Someone left Scrufy in a basket on our doorstep.
He was frightened and looked terrible. But the vet
said he would be allright with a lot of TLC...
which he is certainly getting now. He is adorable
and very loving. Scruffy is pure Yorkie and will
grow up to be a beautiful little dog.

We are so thankful those uncaring people left
him to us and didn't just abandon him on the
street as he would have surely died.

Elizabeth, John, Betsy and Tommy, Idaho
Popeye The Pomeranian

“We got Popeye (a pomeranian) after we lost our
youngest dog, at five years old, to hemolytic
anemia, a very fast moving blood disorder. Our
hearts were totally broken. Our two older dogs
were moping around and barely eating, and the
house lacked any life.
Popeye  has brought life back into the house
again. Although it took time, our two other dogs
accepted him as part of the family, and now get
along quite well.
He is a pleasure, well behaved and a comfort to
us. He is quite active, but yet always has time for a
cuddle. We are totally in love with him.” – Popeye’s
mom, Eileen.
Rascal is our darling Aussie. He
is very friendly and loves attention,
even from strangers. He loves
playing frisbee and catching balls.
He also loves his food, so he
needs lots of exercise to keep trim.
Rascal is almost 2 years old, but
is still mischievous like a puppy.
The Atkinsons, New Jersey
Chiquita, a beautiful longhair Chihuahua
Christmas 2010 Chiquita, Candy and JoJo
Top: Cndy & Chiquita
Bottom: JoJo with pup
Pat Lucy's family of cute chihuahuas
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