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Picture Gallery 5
Our page dedicated to beloved pets who have
gone on to the Rainbow Bridge
Muffy and Ruby

Our two little furbabies are inseperable friends,
chasing squirrels together all day, and quite often
take naps cuddled up together. At night they try to
take up as much room as they can on our bed.

Muffy, the Shi Tzu is not too fond of strangers, but
Ruby the pom makes friends very readily.

These babies s are the joy of our life.

Helen and Joe Barrington, Virginia
Muffy and Ruby
Dina closeup
Dina is my  beautiful tabby. She
is a sweet and gentle lady and
even likes our neighbor's dog.
She loves to be brushed, but
hates baths. She loves to sit on
her window perch and watch the
birds and squirrels. She is an
indoors only cat so has never
tried to chase a bird.
Monica Singer, Vermont
Tiger and Sheba
These two gorgeous cats rule the roost at the
Winters home. Neither of them like strangers,
although Tiger is the more tolerant of the two.
Sheba always looks angry, but she's really very
cuddly.   Diane and Don in Syracuse, New York
Vernon is a Shiba Inu
and (we think) German
Shepherd mix. He is 4
years old.
Vernon loves to play in the snow. winter is his favorite time of year.
But he does also like to go to the beach in the summer. But this is
not too easy as ther are no dog-friendly beaches near us. He loves
the dog park  and playing chase with his friends there. He is a
beautiful, wonderful guy whom we love dearly.
Greg, Joan, Vicky, Tommy.
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Such a Sweet Face
JoJoo Cavalier Kigg Charles Spaniel.Pekingese Mix
JoJo is a sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. He is the most
gentle and loving little fellow who loves to cuddle up, be pet and get belly
rubs. JoJo is Seven + years old, who came to us as a foster from an
Ohio Rescue.  JoJo loves children and other little dogs and is friendly
with everyone. JoJo is an absolute delight and we sorely miss him after
being with us almost two years.
We know he will give his forever family many years of love.
This little sweetie pie was
only with us for three weeks.
Mowgli, a Maltese/ShihTzu  
mix ( Mal-Shi) was quickly
adopted and is now in his
Mowgli at 13 weeks
forever home with a little kitten-brother, a big-sister cat and his
own Mom and Dad
Mowgli at 15 weeks
Peeka is a seven year old Pekingese/Pug mix who we fosterd for
16 months Very wary of strangers, but friendly and loving once he
gets to know you. He is a great little watchdog, and  will always let
you know if someone is at the door or passing by the yard. He is
not fond of either squirrels or cats, and makes sure non of them
venture into the yard..
We loved being his foster parents.
DAX is a lab mix who likes nothing better than to take
care of his best friend Victoria.  He likes to go with her
wherever she goes, even though it sometimes means
a long car ride, which he doesn't like much at all as it
makes him queasy.  Dax is a very friendly and loving
Booda in yard
Booda is a ten  year old purebred Shih Tzu who came to us when his
first Mom had to move to Central America for professional reasons
and could not take this little sweetheart with her.  He is a darling little
dog who loves his walks, chasing squirrels with his peke brother  
Gizmo, and cuddling up for little naps. He is a permanent member of
our family
Booda and Gizmo
after a trip to the groomer
Neat and tidy...but for
how long?
Ruby, a sweet little Yorkie mix who visited our home
for a few hours until her Foster parents could pick her up
Rocco is a 2 1/2 year old Shih Tzu who lives in Toronto with his
human mom Erin
Blackie is a lab mix we found wandering the
streets and took him in. He is a great dog and
I hope we never find his former famiy. He fits
right in with ours. We love hm.  The Johnsons