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                                                   The ASPCA experts offer these tips to ensure a loving and safe day for all species this February 14:
  • Use caution with roses and other blooms containing thorns, which could prove harmful to pets if played with, bitten, stepped on or swallowed. It’s all too easy for pets to step on thorny stems that fall to the ground, and worse yet if your pet has a tendency to nibble…the thorns can damage both the tongue and throat.
  • Many varieties of lilies are highly toxic to cats. Other potentially poisonous flowers may include:  tulips (especially if potted, as the bulbs are the most toxic),  amaryllis (same as tulips), Calla lily (can cause intense oral and gastrointestinal irritation), daisies , chrysanthemums, baby's breath
  • Chocolate in any form contains theobromine and caffeine, both methylxanthines that can cause stimulation of the central nervous system, an increase in heart rate and tremors. Clinical signs—vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, hyperactivity, and increased thirst, urination and heart rate—can be seen with the ingestion of as little as two ounces of baking chocolate by a 10-pound dog.
  • If you are thinking of giving your beloved a new puppy or kitten for Valentine’s Day please keep in mind that bringing a new companion into the home is a big decision. We suggest presenting your loved one with a gift certificate to adopt from your local shelter.
  • Many a curious pet has explored an alcoholic beverage left in a glass. If ingested, this could cause vomiting, diarrhea, a lack of coordination, central nervous system depression, tremors, difficulty breathing, metabolic disturbances and coma. Alcohol can even cause death from respiratory failure if a large enough amount is ingested.
  • Another potential hazard is gum or candy sweetened with the sugar substitute xylitol, which can cause a fairly sudden drop in blood sugar (known as hypoglycemia).  This can result in depression, loss of coordination and seizures.
  • Make sure to keep balloons, cellophane, tape, ribbons, bows and other wrapping items or festive decorations out of your pets’ reach. Choking on any of these items, or ingesting them, may prove hazardous to your pet’s health.
  • Candlelit dinners are romantic, just don’t leave the room while the flames are still burning.  Let curious paws find other, safer things to play with.