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Tips for Dressing Dogs in Costumes

 WonderWoman Pet Costume  If you plan to take you dog out trick or treating on Halloween there are a few simple tips to reduce stress and anxiety in your  pet. There is obviously going to be a lot of unusual activity and noise around your dog that evening, and it may be too much for your dog to handle. If your pet becomes so upset and agitated, why bother? After all, dogs in costumes are for our entertainment, not theirs. Please put their feelings first. PRACTICE: Dress your dog up in the costume your have selected a couple of times before the big day and walk him around in it as you are going to do on Halloween. This way at least he won't be intimidated by this unusual apparel.  If he is used to it he may relax and enjoy the walk about with all the extra activity being interesting, rather than distressing. BE AWARE OF YOUR PETS ANXIETY: Dogs in costumes will let you know by their actions if they are not going to tolerate being dressed up. I know it seems funny to watch a dog struggle when we try a hat  or sunglaases on them, just for the entertainment value. But this is distressing and putting a dog in a full costume may be something they just won't tolerate. Once again if your pet can't get used to the costume, don't bother. BE VISIBLE: Some dog costumes come with a reflective coating on them, but if you have one that does not, simply add some reflective tape which you can buy at the hardware store. MAKE SURE THE COSTUME IS SAFE: There should be no loose pieces or decorations on the costume that your pet can ingest. Your dog may find it way to appealing to chew off dangling buttons or material, which could cause choking or worse, a bowel obstruction. Also make sure nothing is hanging around his feet where he could get tangled or trip. MAKE SURE THE COSTUME FITS PROPERLY Just as you do with his collar, check and make sure you can get two or three fingers between your dog and the fabric or tie-on that goes around your pet to hold the costume in place. Any ties or wraps around the neck should have extra care and attention, making sure they are comfortable. MAKE SURE THE COSTUME IS LIGHTWEIGHT: Remember this is like us wearing a fur coat and then covering that up with more clothes. If the costume is too heavy he may overheat and become exhausted. Carry a pet water bottle and offer it often. Watch for excessive panting or lagging behind. If this happens remove the costume. USE A LEASH AND MAKE SURE ID TAGS ARE ON YOU PET: Obviously a common sense tip here with no explanation necessary. CARRY YOUR OWN APPROPRIATE PET TREATS: We should all know by now not to give our pets chocolate as it is toxic. Also anything with a wrapper or a lollipop stick is once again dangerous due to the possibility of choking or bowel obstruction if they are swallowed. If you have healthy dog treatsFree Web Content, then your pet won't feel left out of the evening's festivities. HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND MAKE SURE PETS AND PEOPLE ALIKE HAVE FUN! Article by Jane Dinunzio   Amerstburg, Ontario, Canada About the Author: I save and raise abused and negleted dogs and cats. I am a stay at home (almost) senior. I love gardening, reading and endorsing pets as family members, to be treated with kindness and respect. personal website:  Tips for Healthy Happy Pets